Raging fan of DMC3, Didn't like(but not hate) DMC4, How is this?

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  3. Raging fan of DMC3, Didn't like(but not hate) DMC4, How is this?

User Info: sjwho2

4 years ago#11
Honestly if you haven't played it pick up bayonetta, its the closest thing since DMC4

User Info: SHMYazoo

4 years ago#12
I sense a disturbance in the Force... This doesn't look like someone new... It looks like someone very familiar to us all... Someone whose name starts with a P...

But I'll bite, DmC is better than DMC4 in every single level except for combat complexity which doesn't affect the fun I have with the combat. It falls short in complexity to DMC3 as well, but it's still very fun and the overall story, atmosphere, level design and characterization makes it a better game at the end of the day.

People say that it's lacking the Styles, but that's a half-truth, this Dante has 70% of the Style abilities in the past games in his default form (Swordmaster air combo, Gunslinger Rainstorm, Royal Guard parry, Trickster lvl 2 Dodge in the form of Angel dodge and his DT is like Quick Silver, just to name a few) and new moves as well.

The lack of Taunt is something that I didn't like as well and No Lock On is strange at first, as a past DMCs fan, but you get used to it and rarely have I hit targets I didn't want to hit (you can still cycle ranged targets by pressing L3, the same way you did when you had a Lock On).

Overall, it's a 8.5~9/10 game to me because it's a much more cohesive game and shows overall better game design than previous DMCs that only focused on Combat while forgetting level design, story, enemy design, characterization and etc.

Play the demo, if you like it go ahead, if not, move on.
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User Info: Liquid_Acid

4 years ago#13
Play the demo to decide if you like the gameplay or not...

The story in this game isn't that great like they promised. Hell I enjoyed the DMC4 story more... LOL that Capcom specifically went to Ninja Theory for their "Story telling abilities" and LMFAO that Tam Tam saying DmC will rival Hollywood and film....

I somewhat enjoyed this game. But I can only play it once...I don't really feel the need to play it again...Just feels like an expanded Enslaved...
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User Info: gameruner

4 years ago#14
Bayonetta is a badass game, totally agree on that one.

To the Jedi who feels a "disturbance in the force" I assure you I'm new here, but if you sense a master troll you have found one. I'm being dead honest and serious right now however, sometimes we just like to hear feedback and debate matters intelligently. This may come as shocking to you.

Thanks for the input.

User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#15
Overall game has to much trouble to get even 8.0 even if separate game. Whole look/story/design is highly debatable. Whole game has only 4 color palettes: red, orange, green and blue which flooding every level.
Enemy designs are the worst up to date in every DMC installation. (yes, I know DMC2 isn't good), but if you compare Nefasturris to Mundus (they are very similar as concept) Nefasturris is much more menacing and cooler, because Mundus transformed look like Disney villain to me.
Story is pure subjective. For me it's pretty dumb and not on pair with DMC3 or 4. It tries to be serious, but I have feeling NT doesn't know what they wanted. IT jumps from ridiculous to death serious and fails to leave whole impression.
That aside DmC suffers from same sin as RE6: huge amount of 1 to 1 rip-offs. IT's ok to make rip-off...it's not ok to make straight to the face rip-off. Some places were taken from Bayonetta without even covering it up.
And last but not least: characters have nothing to do with originals aside from names and parts of backstory. It goes as far, as somebody posted that Mundus is actually more sympathetic than Dante or Vergil.

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#16
They removed the "Legend of Sparda" from the story. You don't want to see what Ninja Theory did to the Legendary Dark Knight.

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#17
gameplay is less polished than DMC1's

also electronic fart sounds as soundtrack

User Info: DuckKiller84

4 years ago#18
From: SHMYazoo | #012
this Dante has 70% of the Style abilities in the past games in his default form

More like 60%

I'd advise you to skip it; it's no DMC (1,3, or 4). Play the demo, then rent it if you want. It's not worth $60.

User Info: gameruner

4 years ago#19
K you guys helped me greatly on making sure I didn't waste money on this stinker...

I'll check out the demo and decide a rent from there....but that'll be it.

So sad really....DMC3 is one of my favorite games of all time, like a smart mans God of War(a series I always despised, ol' school Dante to.....Kratos..-_-...? so unfair they got a good design team and DMC went to crap after 3.....)

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#20
DMC2 > DmC
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  3. Raging fan of DMC3, Didn't like(but not hate) DMC4, How is this?

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