Valentine's Day Super Fun Thread!

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User Info: leet_x1337

4 years ago#1
I know that Valentine's Day is almost over, but I decided to have some fun.

Take the day and the month of your birthday. The month of your birth determines what you did for Valentine's:
Jan: Went to a restaurant with...
Feb: Went to a movie with...
Mar: Destroyed a public monument with...
Apr: Went to the beach with...
May: Had an epic duel with...
Jun: Gave chocolates to...
Jul: Went to Disneyland with...
Aug: Watched the sunset with...
Sep: Went for a drive with...
Oct: Sent an inappropriate card to...
Nov: Went to a casino with...
Dec: Slept with...

The day determines who you did it with:
1. Griffon
2. Cerberus
3. Vergil (DmC)
4. Phantom
5. Arkham
6. Credo
7. Kat
8. Dante (original)
9. Mundus (DmC)
10. Beowulf
11. Nevan
12. Berial
13. Dante (DmC)
14. Lilith
15. Trish
16. Vergil (original)
17. Nero
18. Sanctus
19. Geryon
20. Agnus
21. Mundus (original)
22. Lady
23. Jester
24. Lucia
25. Arius
26. Agni and Rudra
27. Phineas
28. Bob Barbas
29. Doppelganger
30. Poison
31. Sparda (original)

The rules are simple: Post what happened. You can go into as much detail as you like, but you have to make it clear what you did and with whom.
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User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#2
april: went to beach with

26: agni and rudra(im pretend this never happen)

go to hell with 26,im take 22

went to beach with LADY!!!
i wont let the last heaven honor die with it champion-war

User Info: Stepswordsman

4 years ago#3
My story is surprisingly not interesting, as it's basically the ending to one of the games in the series. Oh well.
Besides I or anyone else was flamming anyone.

User Info: Varuney

4 years ago#4
Gave chocolates to.......Cerberus!? I'm sure I'd be the "food" of his eyes.
*Wubeth Intensifies*

User Info: Y2JUzumaki

4 years ago#5
Varuney posted...
Gave chocolates to.......Cerberus!? I'm sure I'd be the "food" of his eyes.

If you're worried about him eating you, then just give it to me and I'll deliver it when I give him my inappropriate card.

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#6
Sent an inappropriate card to Nero.


User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#7
But i dont want to go to disneyland with Lilith.
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