Is Ninja Theory the worst developer?

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User Info: rockman11_z

4 years ago#1
Or are they any other worse developers out there?
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User Info: QCTeamkill

4 years ago#2
That's foolish, who can say they know every studios out there.

I hate to spit on fellow countrymen but Cyanide did a very bad job with Game of Thrones video game.

User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#3
Bioware is worse.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#4
One of the worst, definitely.

User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#5
Koei is up there...
I didn't like the new DmC. It was mediocre.

User Info: Qwesar23464

4 years ago#6
Nah, that's Stellar Stone.
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User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#7
Taizuku posted...
Koei is up there...

Since when Koei got it ever since they did the less d***move and admit their mistakes a lot of fixing hell lot of problem from the fan and they actually listen to the fans. See how they fix S*** up with DW7 by DW7XL? Did they have Disc Locked Content? The only thing that they did wrong was the console exclusive stuff. Other than that, their games are still a better than most games out there.
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#8
I approve of them being the worst. The quality of their game..blurgghhhhhh
Commercial game engine>recycle codes> bad programming. Then we get the awesome inaccurate hitboxes and dumped gameplay. Their writing is ass, DmC speaks for that, should have done what they did with their previous games. Their preference for music and art is questionable, and the quality of it was bad. Also bad game decisions, like making the dynamic environment ,which hinders the performance and results in a dumped and clunky gameplay.

Aside from being an incapable video game studio, they are rude, childish and amateur when it comes to business and ethics.

NT should change their director, get some capable and talented programmers, writers, artists and composers, then they should think about asking for publishers to support their their projects.

Edit: forgot about Dat marketing campaign ( haterz of the great game,lol) and advertising the game.

User Info: TheDromader

4 years ago#9

They are a developer that only makes very bland, glitchy, poorly optimised and badly designed games that rip off many popular things at theyr time(HS trying to be another GOW for example), any kind of quality in these games is a result from outside help (story for HS and Enslaved, bits of gameplay for DmC), they blame everyone around them for theyr mistakes and insult theyr own friggin fanbases in a disgustingly smug attitude, they sell badly because people KNOW theyre bad, and YET all known media defends them from any kind of criticism, gives them incredibly hight scores and hails them as some kind of ,,saviours of modern gaming art''. So yes, quite frankly I believe they ARE the worst developer out there. There are companies that did things that are more disgusting like EA, Activision or even Capcom to name a few, but NT earns the place by making simply BAD games pretending to be AAA titles and getting insane praise for it, DESPITE the everyman noticing how bad theyr games are. Say what you will about COD, atleast its design is solid (if VERY dated) and you can have fun with it if you are not tired of the formula yet or just jumping in fresh, while NT games are just boring and generic. The only thing universally good about NT games, and is actually the only thing they can do well on theyr own, are backgrounds. BACKGROUNDS.
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User Info: Nick_Kazama

4 years ago#10
EA Games are the worst.

Ninja Theory are second worst.
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