there's one thing people rarely complain about

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  3. there's one thing people rarely complain about

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#31
Well, when you're being all dark and gritty, you don't have time to ride missiles and beat demons with motorcycles.

That **** is totally lame and not cool.
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User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#32
It really wasnt expected to be over the top. The whole point of DmC was to be westernized and not so Japanesey as in over the top anime stuff. Thing is western games and movies still have a great deal of action just not as over the top as using a motorcycle as a nunchuck or surfing on missiles. As such people were already dissapointed with the lack of anime flair and thus expectations were low in the first place. Probably explains why no one noticed the lack of action scenes.
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User Info: Capt_Herlock

4 years ago#33
NeoTStyle posted...
From: Capt_Herlock | #029
lol all you want, this is what I think, DMC 3 is still an awesome game but it has flaws.

By saying everything but the gameplay was crap you're saying the music, the environments and the story were crap which is not true especially compared to this s*** game.

You may have liked that stuff, I personally thought the music lacked variety in that most of the battle music is relatively the same and none of the other tracks really stand out and as far as environment is concerned it's nothing special or really takes the game to "new heights". The story is not really that bad, it had potential but the overall narrative suffered since their main focus was the gameplay. In short, the story was bad because there was barely any attention brought to it. The action is pretty silly too, but it easily has it's appeal.
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  3. there's one thing people rarely complain about

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