Stuck in mission 11

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User Info: dedjezter

4 years ago#1
When playing through mission 11 on Human mode my son gets to the second room with a trapped soul in it, just after the ghosty guys blow open the doors. There is a blue vine gate that the black stuff covers up. A bunch of enemies pop out of the ground, he kills them and the music stops, but the door stays covered up, he can't shred the vines.

When I played through on regular and hard mode, the doors uncovered and I think I just continued onward but can't remember if I had to do something to get the door uncovered.
It seems like a glitch to me, reseting and powering down the system do not change the outcome.

Any help or ideas would be great.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#2
Dat Ninja Theory quality

User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#3
Is that the mission where Dante goes back to The Order's base to rescue Kat? Try going back a bit and then coming back to the spot. This happened to me as well.
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#4
Watch a walkthrough on youtube, and if you where doing the same thing but getting different results, then you have a glitch.

Warning: there is a game breaking glitch with the saving game mechanics where you lose a weapon permanently.
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