What will happen to Ninja Theory now?

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User Info: Valkerion757

4 years ago#51
ColonelChiken posted...
Dark_Epathy posted...
DmC is by far Ninja Theory's best effort yet. They'll be back with another game.

I agree, but Capcom had to step in to save/salvage the combat, so they might be back to square one on that aspect. They've always seemed to need to be bailed out in other areas aside from environments.

truth. 2x

But yeah this games biggest problems were the terrible promotions and trailers. They tried so hard to make dante "bad boy" that it turned everyone off to even be interested. If they would have shown moments from after the 2nd boss, this game would have sold more, but they were more intersted in showing him flip off the camera, have angels all over him sexually, and try to be the typical 1992 badboy who rides a skateboard that the actual cool moments in the game were never shown.

They did it to themselves as far as im concerned. I personally hated the story, and revamped characters, wasnt a bad game aside from all that. Vergil was too obvious in how manipulative he was and the whole people not realizing it was too hard to swallow in 2013 and a game that takes so many cues from real world.
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User Info: NicoJay6

4 years ago#52
I popped over to their site to check whether they were hiring, and indeed they are; Producer and senior producer as of 13/02/13. If NT were without a project of decent size they would temporarily handle the duties of those positions with current staff. Speculation though this is, I think they are working on another title...

..and it could be one you hold dear.

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