DmC got better Reviews than MGR

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User Info: FrostDancer289

4 years ago#51
Phantom_Opera_G posted...
Why, if Raiden is so deadly, would you run away from everything? Because every fight—from the weakest of enemies, to the anger-inducing boss fights—is frustrating. Frustrating due to the camera. More frustrating due to the over-reliance of the parry system, which just so happens to be the same button as the attack button. That’s right—no dedicated block or parry, and no way to dash out of the way of enemy attacks. Then enemies constantly circle you to strike, and are almost always out of view by the horrid camera positioning, leaving you defenseless and mad. If you do have clear visibility of an incoming enemy strike, which will shine red to let you know it’s coming, you have to press the attack button in hopes that you actually parry and don’t attack instead. Maybe 25% of the time the parry actually works. Unless you’re playing on Easy, then the game auto-parries for you making the game too easy.
Anthony Severino

Dude, they are bad guys, they're supposed to do that! lol I wonder if he preferred they'd form an orderly line to be cut down. God help him if he was to review Ninja Gaiden

The enemies in Ninja Gaiden (Black and 2) would chew him up and spit him out, then kill him five times before he hit the ground.

User Info: vashtricham

4 years ago#52
I'm having no problem with the camera and or enemies attacking of screen in MGR. I have played enough h&s to know that I need to know my enemies location, I know I need to be able to move the camera around and use my radar to know the location of the enemies. Since I am not a casual I do not get my panties in a bunch if I get hit. Learn to play and practice if you want to get better. Stop acting like the casual reviewers and learn to play
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User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#53
Ink-Ribbon posted...
I love DmC antis reaction, lol. They overhyped MGR to the extreme levels.

Now that MGR isn't the best Coca Cola ever made, they're all butthurt and calling reviews, DmC fanboys. Come on antis, you can do better than that, lol.

MGR has flaws, is not a perfect game. Why don't you admit its problems? You fanboys amuse me.

Hype for this game has nothing to do with atrocity called DmC. Why you don't admit that DmC is 7/10 at best? it's not 8, nor 9 like you all claim. And looking how DmC got scores out of spite, I assume they are equally scored at best. Instead you running around like little children crying: WAAAH it's 4 hours long. guess what: DmC too. So who's hypocrite now?

User Info: Taizuku

4 years ago#54
Lol this is hilarious.
I didn't like the new DmC. It was mediocre.

User Info: zhaoyun99

4 years ago#55
For one thing, MGR is a COMPLETE SPIN OFF with Raiden as a main character. This game was purposely center about him. They didn't make him a Snake wannabe. Also, the game was more welcomed with the users than this game. I can see the bright future with MGR sales surpass this game in the first week. I'm waiting for the PC release. The marketing was also in the right direction. They didn't intentionally piss off the fans like DmC with NT.
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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#56
God, You guys are still upset over this game?
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User Info: akira_hisyam

4 years ago#57
i played mgr yesterday and im love it,the story are simple but have ridiculous action scene,music are great,gameplay were damn awesome from fast paced gameplay to a amazing beautiful combo,raiden english voice also great and not annoying,most importantly is amazing epic boss mgr is 1 of my epic game.
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User Info: shatterstar

4 years ago#58
Me personally, I thought the games was very entertaining and should not have received the low scores that it did. A 6 out of 10 is a little bit harsh don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, the combat system isn't that deep but it's very stylish and satisfying, the story and characterization wasn't great at all, the level designs aren't great to look at, and the game is extremely short. But it kept me entertained with it's non-stop, over the top, action sequences.

I'll give it an 8 out of 10.

Because PG did deliver a great game with what little budget and time they had. Here's hoping it performs well for a sequel.

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#59
User Score>Critic Score

From my stand point, MGR looks to be the better game.

User Info: Phantom_Opera_G

4 years ago#60
GujinKami posted...
User Score>Critic Score

From my stand point, MGR looks to be the better game.

Not to mention if DmC got that 3/10 Tameem probably would start whining and making outrage demands for the review to be pulled
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