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4 years ago#41
KA_ME_HA_ME_HA posted...
syctheweilder posted...
ShadowBoyZX posted...
How is the small amount of hate MGR is getting(mainly from bitter DmC fans) even comparable to the hate DmC has received which destroyed it's sales and forced Tameem into hiding in the middle east?

There are still some metal gear fans who are annoyed at it's departure from the metal gear solid formula despite the announcement of Ground Zeroes.

Just wanted to emphasize these. But yeah, there still a few people that refuse to believe MGR is canon. It's silly really, even when a video was linked they called it wrong.

The difference between DmC and MGR though was that those disgruntled MG fans were put at ease with the announcement of GZ. With DmC, we never got a straight answer about DMC. It's always some vague answer. If Capcom were to just come out and say either "DMC will come back" or "DMC is dead", there'd be immensely less hate for DmC. Well, for the latter people would still hate DmC, but they'd just move on. The reason we haven't moved on is because we still have no answer.

sadly it is truth. But capcom wants to keep back door open and cash money at the same time....looks like it didn't work.

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