Anyone see this tameem guy on the PS4 stream.

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  3. Anyone see this tameem guy on the PS4 stream.

User Info: nickizgr8

4 years ago#1
His name was Tameem Andonlades he seem'd like a pretty cool guy.

But this Tameem Antoniades is a real idiot.

I almost got them both confused good job his name was there spelt correctly or I may have gotten confused.

Link to some guys twitter with the picture of the misspelling of his name.

User Info: thelastgogeta

4 years ago#2
Yep, this is more or less the main thread on that:

32 posts, not so many about how his name is spelt wrong... >_>
Now we have a name and image for his alter ego...
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User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#3
Tameem Antonlades looks like he'd sell you "stuff" in an alleyway.

User Info: Nick_Kazama

4 years ago#4
Tameem..... Andonlades....?
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User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#5
Nick_Kazama posted...
Tameem..... Andonlades....?

If he's trying to go into hiding, it's probably better if he picked a name that doesn't sound a LOT like his original name.
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  3. Anyone see this tameem guy on the PS4 stream.

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