Did Tameem apologize to DMC fans yet?

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  3. Did Tameem apologize to DMC fans yet?

User Info: rockman11_z

4 years ago#51
Reviews right now cannot change the flopiness of this game. It's over. It flopped. You can put whatever review you want. Game still flopped.
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User Info: pkmastah15

4 years ago#52
Gray Fox Die posted...
And conspiracy !!! You seriously think all professional videogame websites were paid ?


User Info: Varuney

4 years ago#53
Varuney posted...
Gray Fox Die posted...
Please... the user ratings...
How many of them played the game ? How many of them are the exact same person ?

And conspiracy !!! You seriously think all professional videogame websites were paid ?

You are right. Janne, we should not attempt to falsify what is ridiculous due to incompetence or outright blindness, with claims of being paid off. We are sorry.

Ok, that was a bit confusing. Let me rephrase:
"We should not attempt to hide critical incompetence with claims of being paid off" is what I meant. Gaming Journalism is (currently)dying, we all know that.
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User Info: syctheweilder

4 years ago#54
I get all my game reviews from youtube nowadays. IGN's been a joke for a while now, but now even Giantbomb and Destructoid are following suit.

User Info: No_one_special

4 years ago#55
Gray Fox Die posted...

And conspiracy !!! You seriously think all professional videogame websites were paid ?

Have you heard NOTHING about Doritogate or the numerous other controversies regarding gaming journalists' incredibly intimate relationship they have with developers?

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#56
pkmastah15 posted...
Gray Fox Die posted...
And conspiracy !!! You seriously think all professional videogame websites were paid ?


People love arguing the semantics of "paid" but the point is that every major professional videogame review site has their integrity compromised through a conflict of interest type situation with game companies.

Sure, we like it when a game we like gets a good score, but deep down we know that the validity of that score is completely based on politics instead of quality.

"Then why not just ignore professional reviews?!" Because there is a lot of people that are deceived into thinking they have even the slightest form of validity. People buy games or cancel preorders or make other decisions based on these reviews.

I feel a moral obligation as a fan to inform people how wrong these reviews are.

User Info: produner

4 years ago#57
Uggh... the reviewers again...

To sum it up:
-Reviewers/journalists don't get paid directly, but they get paid for running ads for games from publishers and advertising them using other means. Here it is video games politics, they advertise the game, which means being biased in reviews, if they don't then the publisher might black list them or get them in some legal problems. It is risky for both journalists/ VG corporations and publishers or devs; paying for ads or black listing them, which affects both the game and journalists.

-Reviewers don't have certifications, lack profession,incompetent and resort to preference in most cases instead of objective things and facts about the game. Examples? IGN gave god hand 3/10 and the reviewer was fired; he ignored the gameplay which was the core of the game. IGN, being one of the biggest VG corporations and most influential, they criticized the camera in enslaved, which is the same chase camera in DmC that has the same coding, which was praised or not mentioned during their reviews. Also on playstationstyle, someone gave MGR 3/10 despite having a perfectly running game and balanced combat, add that to the fact that he didn't complete the game and stating false info.

In other words , reviews are not credible and the relationship between publishers and reviewers affect the game, aside from being unprofessional and assigning wrong people to review games in genres that they are not familiar with or they don't like that certain genre ( bias).
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#59
DJ_0000 posted...
Why would anyone be stupid enough to expect an apology? And what has he done to require making an apology?

His company was hired to make a game from a new perspective and they did just that, they have nothing to apologise for and anyone asking for one is an idiot.

1- Direct insults to the fanbase.

2-Direct insults to anyone that adresses issues, voices complaints or suggests something.

3-doesn't care about points of view of the fanbase, despite targeting the later as

4-Indirectly saying that anyone that likes DMC has bad taste/preference and insults the japanese/ anime style.

5-Not in million years.


7-shifting blame on certain group of people.

8- You suck DJ_0000 , i don't have to apologize, because your logic suggests that.

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#60
produner posted...

INB4 "Yeah that stuff is true but why does he need to apologize? I wasn't personally offended so that means nobody else was."
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