DmC: Devil May Cry worth buying?

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User Info: pokefan35

4 years ago#41
fesodes posted...
Bad game if you ask me.

I did, tell me more.
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User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#43

Fits right in
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User Info: MoreFunThanTV

4 years ago#44
Well I don't think so, reason I took it back but that doesn't mean someone else won't/can't enjoy it way more than I did. Personally I'm not even sure this game would be worth $20 to me considering I thought it so bad I had to force myself to finish it even once.

User Info: Slamslate

4 years ago#45
I'd give it a pass.
Not too bad a game in its own right. Just a step down from DMC3 and DMC4 and possibly even 1 in some aspects.
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User Info: SSJ5_Goku-San

4 years ago#46
tehdud posted...
Iamthekuzalol posted...
DmC: Devil May Cry worth buying?

Short Answer: Nope.

Long Answer: Hell no.

User Info: cyanide_suicide

4 years ago#47
SSJ5_Goku-San posted...
tehdud posted...
Iamthekuzalol posted...
DmC: Devil May Cry worth buying?

Short Answer: Nope.

Long Answer: Hell no.

Also, Metal Gear Rising is better in almost every way.

User Info: chaotix247

4 years ago#48
This game is not worth a buy ever. It is worth a rent whether you hate the game or not though I will admit (even though I hate the **** out of this game).
Capcom needs to go out of business to learn what they have done.
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User Info: Xtreme65

4 years ago#49
By some of your guys logic, all HnS games aren't worth 60 dollars.

If your the type that plays a game once and never touches it. The ENTIRE DMC SERIES isn't worth a buy as each game can be completed in 10 hours or less.

From my experience.

DMC1=3 hours
DMC2= 2 hours and a half as Dante, 1 hour and a half as Lucia.
DMC3=6 hours
DMC4=6 hours
DmC=6 hours

The games were designed to be played through multiple times however. Unlike most games out there which only have 1 or 2 difficulties after normal and there isn't even much incentive for you to try those difficulties. In DMC however the difficulties are often dramatically different as in different enemy placement and some enemies do different moves as well as on top of the standard increase in damage ratio while you do less damage to them. Going through Dante Must Die mode is not the same experience as Normal modes in most of the games. (DmC and DMC2 aside that is)

Now is DmC worth the buy? If your the completionist type it is as you'll definitely get your moneys worth trying to 100 percent everything as itll most likely take you 50 hours. If your a leaderboard type you'll be competing with others trying to get the high score so that warrants replay right there.

If your a casual gamer who only plays a game once than no the game isn't for you. But this can be said of nearly ALL HnS games like DMC, GoW, Bayonetta, MGR, etc. Only Dragon's Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Darksiders 2 would keep these types entertained for long.

As for how it compares to other DMCs well it is alot easier to master, but I wouldn't call it a complete downgrade.

Graphics: Oh most definetely
Difficulty: Sure especially the bosses.
Story: Meh about the same. Story has never been a strong point for the series. In truth I think DmC's story is better than DMC1, DMC2, and DMC4.
Gameplay: Other than the lack of styles, not really a downgrade. In fact its upgraded in most areas. More weapons, better platforming, more fleshed out grapple mechanic, and DT is essentially a better quicksilver/bangle of time mechanic. People say they have problems comboing with DT but I don't have a problem (Angel grab nearest enemy then bring them all in with aquila and do some serious air combos on tons of enemies.)
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User Info: sjwho2

4 years ago#50
The problem with your reasoning Xtreme65, is that you forget replayability. All the other devil may cry's have it in abundance.(well maybe not 2)

DmC has a horrible unlock system, the difficulties are a joke, and the combat system is pretty boring after the first playthrough, especially with the unlocks adding nothing. The bosses aren't memorable either.

All HnS games are relatively short, but their replayability is usually a lot higher than normal games. DmC has extremely limited replayability.
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