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User Info: NostalgiaRules

4 years ago#81
AzurexNightmare posted...
I feel stupid for making this post because it seems most of you are incapable of actual speech and instead say LOL CASUALS LOL DmC LOL DONTE VORGIL, etc. etc. this game sucks, etc. lol Tameem.

I guess I'm just kind of here to ask why you people are so pissed off? Why do you people continue to spend time on a board of a game that you don't enjoy?

The game honestly isn't that bad. I can understand why you hate this new Dante because the original Dante (and the original Vergil) are iconic bad asses and kings/pioneers of the stylish action game genre. But seriously I have NEVER seen this level of hate for any type of media ever. Not a book, not a movie, and no other game except for this one.

Let me just say what I think about DmC.

Combat: Yes it is dumbed down. Yes it is more casual. I love the weapons in DmC but Eryx is a dumbed down ifrit and its okay but it does suck compared to the DMC gauntlets. Still a fun weapon to use. Aquila is pretty interesting. I really like how it pulls the enemies in. Rebellion is still bad ass. I have no problems with it actually. Osiris is really cool. A lot of people used to want a Scythe in DMC but I guess since this is DmC they don't care anymore. I REALLY love Arbiter. A lot. Arbiter is really bad ass in looks and performance.

Now I can see how those weapons would perform better in the other DMC but I like how DmC kept all your weapons on a single controller and it made it very "organic" to be able to use all of your moves with only one set up. It is not as technical as the older DMC's but it is still very fun.

Bosses were a let down. I majorly agree that they were too easy on every difficulty. They need to take a lot less damage. Even on DMD someone like Mundus takes too much damage from sword slashes, let alone arbiter + DT. Vergil is a bit of a wuss yeah.

Honestly the story in this game was the best. There was at least some backstory (DMC had some too but it is more fleshed out in this one) and the characters sync really well together. This DmC undoubtably has the most story out of all of them. I really liked how it combined some parts of 1 and 3.

The enemy design is great. I love the enemies actually. Very befitting of a DMC game. Color coded enemies were stupid yeah.

I'm just really happy that we got to see a retelling of the Devil May Cry story. I am a major fan of the original series but I didn't want to see a series with Nero as the main character. Dante was already as powerful as Goku and no one was going to mess with him anymore. And the biggest bad ass (Mundus) was already sealed. Vergil was also dead. The best parts of DMC are over even if they did continue.

In DmC they at least say something about the angels unlike DMC. We have the potential to see enemies on Mundus level but on the angel side. Hell, hopefully they are way more powerful because Mundus from DmC doesn't seem very strong.

Hello. I think a lot of people still come here because it's the only board that's active when it comes to DMC (even though this is a DmC board). I guess some people like DmC, though the sales for it weren't very good. I guess Capcom didn't reach enough of the targeted audience. I know that it may seem like a little thing, but Tameem did go too far and I guess paying customers didn't want to be walked on. So, they didn't buy DmC.
Newer isn't always better.
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User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#82
RD_21 posted...
Strelok posted...
RD_21 posted...
Again, while most of those are facts, the effect it has on the enjoyment of the game is 100% subjective.

You may crave a challenge, but I don't NEED one to find a game enjoyable. You may notice 30 Fps, but I may be used to it. Enslaved being a good game I don't see why it's a bad thing they reused the code, I may be wrong.

You may need tons of combos and weapons, but I don't, most of the time I am playing with Rebellion anyway.

Again, it may makes it an nefarious products compared to the previous one and it may not be the game you demand from the DmC game, but I am sure it's not mediocre based on its meta critic score alone. But then again it's kind of subjective.

Side off-topic note; Just started playing Dante in DMC 4 and man does it feel great to be playing him again and I really enjoy the fact that we can switch style on the fly in this one.

1: Of course it is, but to claim it's superior to the originals is plain madness, as I've seen many people here do.

2: I do crave a challenge considering DMC has always (Aside DMC2) been a franchise known for being difficult and rewarding practice. THis game can be completed on SoS mode by a braindead monkey. BIG difference

3: The 30 FPS is EXTREMELY noticable (and msot of the time it doesn't even reach that, sad state of affairs. All because NT was too lazy/incompetent to learn a new engine)

4: Enslaved was extremely shallow, and a poor game IMO. Pretty, but a poor game as the gameplay, as with all NT games, was lackluster.

5: I do not "need" it but when we're promised a "critical mass" of weapons and we get less than DMC4 and they didn't even have the common courtesy to provide each weapon with enough combos to be special... Very lazy. VERY lazy.

6: Metacritic is full of trolls on both sides. The "professional" reviews rated highly solely to spite fans, this much is obvious from the MANY "arguments" in them that say "Don't worry folks, he gets white hair" *necksnap motion* I would give the game a 7/10 were it not a DMC game. The DLC however immediately reduct a point, it should have been on the disc to start with. As a DMC game it scores a 5/10 (On par with DMC2), and again, we deduct a point for shady DlC. 4/10. Best NT game (3/10 for HS and 3.5/10 for Enslaved, both were horribly *DULL* and unenjoyable to play, but pretty to look at), but that doesn't say much. It fails being a DMC game and that is what counts.

7: Yes, DMC4 Dante was a blast to play.
Sadly, we get Noriko Mark 2. It's terrible.

I think we can reach an agreement since you claimed as a non DMC game you would rate it 7/10, but as DMC game with the expectations that comes with it it rate less.

As for the rest I can agree with you, decent points.

Possibly. The game had it no attachment to the DMC franchise, would be a mediocre H&S that really needs polish. There are some interesting ideas, but they do ot belong in a DMC game. The execution was downright horrible. I actually feel bad for those that liked the game as if NT and Capcom were not so damned stupid they could have had a new IP instead of this game destroying one.
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User Info: myghostisdead

4 years ago#83
PhantomLife posted...
The answer is.

There aren't that many antis anymore. The last of them are the ones here on this board. From what I was told, they begged and pleaded to not be banned because other sites banned them.

So, this is the antis last stand.

Everyone else has been converted to fans.

But when you see them and they post their silly posts just point Rebellion at them and say "Dude, show's over."

If they have been converted then they would be running out and buying the game . There would have been an uptick or holding in the sales number instead of the drop off.

Where were you told and by whom that they were banned? I have seen pros banned from boards too, it all has to do with behavior not point of view.

One of our more popular pros was banned from CU as his many alts. After harassing female board members and claiming to work for NT. I guess Gamefaqs would be the pros last stand too if you want to be fair.

Most boards have pretty much dried up on DmC topics. It had as much impression on the gaming community as a fart in the wind.
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