DMC3 did something more H&S games need to do

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User Info: Dersu_Uzala

4 years ago#11
The banana-wielding guy in DW Strikeforce comes to mind.

User Info: RetsuxD

4 years ago#12
CoD has a laser blade, rapiers, boomerangs, fire flasks, ANOTHER ELECTRIC GUITAR, a spiked shield and a gatling gun.

Makes up for most weapons being just reskins with another combo hit and finisher.

User Info: AlexxShadenk777

4 years ago#13
Yep. Certainly would make any game better by a permanent 30% to have Nevan useable in it.
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User Info: pyro_bunta

4 years ago#14
The upcoming DW8 has Huang Gai fighting using a canoe.

A canoe.

A ****ing canoe.
...for Tony Redgrave...

User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#15
I know it's a different genre but Joachim in Shadow Hearts 2 had some weird weapons.
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User Info: LinksLegends

4 years ago#16
This is one of the things that bugged me about this game. In every other DMC game, the weapons were actual Devil Arms; they had demons inside of them. In DMC3 in particular, the weapons you used WERE the bosses you fought and defeated. It gave them a hellova lot more character.

In this one? It's like "Oh look, Dante's got an axe. It's demonic! How do you know? It's red. And over here? This one's a scythe! It's blue, cause, you know, it's angelic. We put a lot of thought into these designs, guys."

It's particularly aggravating for the ones you get for beating the Succubus/Barbas. Like it would've been so easy for them just to make the designs more based around the enemies you fought... But they just didn't.

Same goes for having enemies/bosses with actual mythological backgrounds, giving Mundus any sort of characterization that wasn't facepalm worthy, using Nelo Angelo instead of "Hollow Vergil", including, you know, a lock-on feature, having Vergil actually betray Dante instead of just arguing...

It just seems like they weren't trying very hard.
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  3. DMC3 did something more H&S games need to do

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