Anybody think future DLC?

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User Info: DaRkStaR1127

4 years ago#11
Lol my bad MGR, yea I was thinking BP but I don't think so, once I beat it ill have bayonetta and MGR, GOW is taking the back seat

User Info: UbberDevil

4 years ago#12
Jack_Ryder_2013 posted...
Vergils bloody palace would be impossible to make, his story is too short, there is only 2 bosses it would end up being like 50 levels long. dantes was only 100 it just would not work with this game. I would love more dlc but i think its done for

If it was just 100 rooms full of different combinations of enemies with the 101st floor being Hollow Vergil then I'd be fine with that. The bosses in this game suck anyway so what does it matter?
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  3. Anybody think future DLC?

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