so I plan on playing this in May and was wondering...

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  3. so I plan on playing this in May and was wondering...

User Info: TheSL1Club

4 years ago#21
demonfang178 posted...
Ink-Ribbon posted...
RD_21 posted...
FireMage7777 posted...
CrimZinShaDoW posted...
How hard is it to get SSS Ranks on Nephilim?

Not difficult at all. If you plan on doing a trophy run DO NOT download the patch for the game

Funny that antis will say the game is too easy and then you ask him not to patch it :P Didn't mean to sound like an ass, just a funny thing I realized, but I understand that when you trophy hunt you want to take any shortcut possible.

Let's be honest, most of the antis didn't even play the game. They basically just jumped into the hate bandwagon, repeating things that other people said...

They lack originality, fresh concepts and a real and unbiased opinion. That's quite crystal clear as water. XD

Then again, at least we didn't get the old "mash triangle" post from them, yet! ;)

What does originality and "fresh concepts" have to do with anything? No seriously, how does one factor in "fresh concepts" into an opinion?

Also, never say "let's be honest" and then proceed to have absolute no evidence backing the trailing statement.

That's just how Ink Ribbon rolls on this board, maybe you haven't been here long enough and missed his posts.
They call me Hadouken because I'm down right fierce.

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#22
Pros get dumber every topic, that's old news.
Frank Zappa is God. Fact.
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User Info: demonfang178

4 years ago#23
Been here since day one. I just decided to take a much needed long break. And if Ink is one of the better pros like I've heard, it clearly wasn't long enough.
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  3. so I plan on playing this in May and was wondering...

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