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User Info: Pimpanza

4 years ago#41
Actually i didn't cheat at the dice game unless I was trying to beat my previous score, fighting in DMC4 was so good! :Q___

User Info: NostalgiaRules

4 years ago#42
produner posted...
Orange00 posted...
NostalgiaRules posted...
I've never played DmC, but by the description, is sounds like DmC plays a lot like.....Tomb Raider. There seems to be more puzzles and platforming than actual fighting.

ironically the new tomb raider is all combat and less about puzzles and platforming.

i thought platforming was more fun pass time than what DMCs usually provide. Platforming in previous games was always really annoying because jumping only worked properly in combat. Puzzles were a mixed bag. Some were fine, but i hated some. DMC4s dice games were awful for example. So much even that the final dice game keeps me from re-playing DMC4.

Excuse me but the dice session was supposed to provide some kind of difficulty when you get to fight two or more bosses, especially at high difficulty. It was annoying for some people by nevertheless, it was implemented well and served its purpose.

DmC's platforming is forced and bland , it is a filer and a fake replay value. DMC 4 had great platforming with Nero , which required timing and sometimes punished you (spikes on the ceiling) , it wasn't excessive and repetitive. DMC's platforming was fine and you don't need a brain dead platforming by using floaty physics in the game.

Hmm....DmC is like Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider is like DmC. o_o......maybe the game designers should've swapped places? :P And when you get to play as Dante, he makes quick work of the dice game. It's kind of funny because his facial expression matches the players mood.

Game Player: Awww, man! I don't want to have to play this dumb dice game again! I just want to destroy bad guys.

Dante: *chuckles, shakes his head, slices the dice in two, lots of bad guys appear*

Game Player: :D

Although, I enjoyed the dice game and my reaction was different. :P

Me: All right, let's see how well Dante handles a puzzle game.

Dante: *chuckles, shakes his head, slices the dice in two, lots of bad guys appear*

Me: Geez, Dante! Why'd you go and do that?!

Oddly enough, Dante knows that he's not good at those kinds of games, so... XD
Newer isn't always better.
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User Info: produner

4 years ago#43
Well, isn't that supposed to be a puzzle? I remember someone criticizing DMC's puzzles yet he doesn't even know how to deal with them.

Anyway, i did not use nero's buster in the dice game until HnH difficulty and when doing high speed runs. It is much more fun to rely on randomness and it adds difficulty if you do randomly ran into bosses and enemy waves at higher difficulties.
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