No one thinks Devil May Cry 2 is better than DmC, right?

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User Info: littlechan

4 years ago#51
darkslayer001 posted...
littlechan posted...
This is maybe a bit out of topic, but:

1. Are the antis exaggerating the frequency of glitch in order to stop people from buying
2. Or, are the pros hide the fact that this game glitch frequently (by saying like "I've never encountered a glitch in this game in my xx hour playing this game etc") to temp people into buying
3. Or, both?
4. Or that some of the copies are defect and thus, full of glitch and the pros and antis are honestly just reporting what they've experienced?

i love the fact that some people think "pros" and "antis" around these boards have some power over the affect the sales of this

Well, I do believe that however small it is, "pros" and "antis" are going to affect the sales of this game just by giving their opinion...
Darkness is Absence of Light

User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#52
I truly never encountered them and I don't count turning my camera and getting lower FPS as a glitch (by the way they never became unplayable for me either, but I am not over sensitive on FPS either, I notice changes, but most of the time I am too busy playing the game to bother about them and if they want to talk about slideshows, I played WoW at 5 FPS in 40 man raids).

Fun fact - if you're in an area and you keep restarting the checkpoint (Say if you're trying to learn how to parry an enemy or you want to practice combat outside the dojo), there is a memory leak that will result in the framerate slowing into the single digits if the camera happens to pan over specific environmental doodads like a street lamp.

Really apparent in the demo, still exists in the final game. Quite baffling either way as you'd think they'd force their QA team to restart the same checkpoint hundreds of times in any given area ESPECIALLY in a demo with a ravenous fanbase who'd go to ridiculous lengths to explore the combat but to then have it find its way into the final product is just embarrassing.

1. Are the antis exaggerating the frequency of glitch in order to stop people from buying

My experience with the game in my first playthrough had me breaking Mundus Spawn into an infinite run-away behavior, breaking the Hunter's scripting because I had the gall to shoot at it when it jumped away, having Dreamrunners bizarrely drop all animation and slide around on the floor motionless which makes it hard as Hell to read attacks, have Vergil regain all of his health when I didn't figure out to DT in time (And not just a small fragment as by design) and a few other annoying instances in combat such as when you angel glide into an enemy, the game doesn't know where to spit Dante out so Dante will get stuck frozen until the enemy knocks him out or after a few seconds when the enemy moves away where the game drops him like a rock or my personal favorite, when shooting a prone enemy with the shotgun it can blast them 300 feet into the air, regardless of Dante's positioning relative to the enemy which caused me a TON of unintended and unwanted Environmental Kills.

There's no doubt in my mind that there are some people making up stories about the glitches they experienced, just as there's no doubt in my mind that there's some people who are willingly ignoring them or don't outright notice them for whatever reason (Protip: If you've ever JC'ed Arbiter's drop attack, you've experienced a glitch. Pay attention!).

Having experienced more glitches in the 6 hours it took me to play through DmC than I did in 300+ hours of the previous DMC games combined tells me that the game is leagues worse off than any of Capcom's previous efforts, but you'll get people on either side swearing to high heaven it's a broken, horrible mess or the most polished game of the generation.


But yeah it's a broken, horrible mess.

User Info: LordKaizer

4 years ago#53
the second game of any franchise is either gonna rock (like mega man legends 2 to legends 1) or suck then learn their problems (like DMC 2)
I'll always sit on my royal chair next to dante's chair forever.
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