Any chance Ligrevs downfall will go on sale?

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User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#31
QCTeamkill posted...
DuuuDe14 posted...
A troll and a hypocrite, what a combo.


(someone check on Teh Dudez, I'm worried)

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User Info: mtKing52

4 years ago#32
Psychochild27 posted...
MoreFunThanTV posted...
Wait this Jetstream Sam DLC for MGRR requires you to complete VR missions to upgrade his abilities right?

So if we're talking length then shouldn't said VR missions be put into the equation as well assuming they're new?

Not only that, but wouldn't it mean that Sam's DLC has more content as it does feature VR missions outside of Jetstream's campaign while Vergil is locked into a single one hour long campaign with no ways to break him out into extra content that should have been there such as Vergil-enabled Bloody Palace (Short of PC mods, anyway)?

In the Sam DLC only 3 of the VR missions give you upgrades, the rest of the upgrades are scattered about and require you to find them. Also the DLC on your first run should take you about 1 - 2 hours because you will presumably complete all 5 VR missions (Which are counted as ranked fights unlike Raiden's VR missions) and go looking for the upgrades and collectibles. I already got everything and believe me, some of them are well hidden. After you get everything then when you replay you'll most likely get faster times since you won't be exploring for upgrades and collectibles. Now back on topic to DmC and Vergil's Downfall. From what I hear it's good despite its short length and that it's better than the actual game. Since I don't have the DLC or the game yet(I might get it tomorrow) I can't give my own opinion on it yet.
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User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#33
It is better in that VINO isn't as ridiculously overpowered as DINO and that he takes *SOME* skill to use instead of just letting a gorilla chew on your controller.

This said, the fact that the fights take place on small platforms where you or enemies can fall off (which can create all kinds of glitches) is of course a terrible thing.
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User Info: ModLogic

4 years ago#34
Yuber255 posted...
Jebus this board is dumb.
Guy askes about chance of downfall going on sale and somehow Ink-Ribbon takes that as a chance to lowblow MGRR because the guy siad he would buy that DLC because it has less chance going on sale.
How does that have anything to do with people having double standards and liking MGRR but not DmC? Why did you even bring that up? Who the f*** cares mate?

Every topic on this gawddamn board gets derailed by some douche who wants to fight the other side. You have topics for that bull*** so can we atleast keep the ones that aren't anti vs pro circlejerking alone please? Sheesh....
Pretty bad that I'm the one saying this lol I usually like a good online fight but you mates do the same crap every day arguing over the same points over and over again WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH BY ARGUING OPINIONS!?!

It's soooooo boring.

thats just ink/shatter not the whole board
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