"This game is too easy even on DMD"

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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#61
TC just confirmed he hasn't finished any of the NG games on MNM, actually I'm starting to wonder if he actually even finished any of the Ninja Gaiden games.
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User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#62
I don't think he's even played any NG game on normal let alone on Master ninja.
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User Info: _Uwye_

4 years ago#63
SHMYazoo posted...
_Uwye_ posted...
SHMYazoo posted...
Say the antis. Oddly enough, those that actually ended up playing this mode to talk about the game and said DMD was still too easy could never post their scores on the leaderboards to show us how easy it was to be so good...

I wonder why...

Maybe you should explain what is supposed to be the correlation between difficulty and score. Just because it's easy to beat doesn't mean that someone will play it to perfect it.

They say things like the skill ceiling of this game is low and yet they could never reach this one's skill ceiling, let alone DMC3 or 4 by the way, like some of the top DMC players said about those complaining just because other people are complaining, like most Antis.

You don't need to reach the skill ceiling to realize it's lower and be bothered by it. After an hour of playing the demo I could stay in the air pretty much indefinitely and JC with ease, but I felt no satisfaction, it was too simple.

User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#64
I beat demo by buttonmashing and never felt urge to experiment with combos, because of terrible sloppy and boring combat.

User Info: RagueltheUFO

4 years ago#65
Aren't demos made to entice the gamer into purchasing the game. If the game is too easy, that's a huge no no, right?

I mean, why would we buy the game if the demo doesn't do its job? Would there be need for a demo?

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User Info: zfair89

4 years ago#66
I beat DmD quite comfortably. The last third of the game was done post-patch. The only bit that caused me trouble was the nightclub baby and the two dreamweavers and a witch in Mundus' palace but that was more of an endurance test than anything.

I don't know if I'll ever try Hell and Hell. I don't want to slog my way through Heaven and Hell first, it's so boring and pointless.

User Info: Psychochild27

4 years ago#67

Why shouldn't I be, it's 1 Dice game in the middle of the game and 6 floors of Dice games near the last level of which all can be cleared with a single die roll each, forcing me to battle every boss a third time. Even with the mechanic of getting whatever number you want, it's still boring.

Boss intermissions aside, the boards in M19 can be completed in well under half the rolls as the bigger offender in M6. Doesn't mean they exist any less than they do, but it's so quick and painless the quantity of boards are scarcely an issue.

/hell of a lot less painful than trying to clear the DMD Chessboard to reach the DMD Boss Rush.


Also, most of the enemies from DMC 3 had only 2 or 3 different attacks...DMC 4 enemies follow the same way.

DMC3 does get a pass for the fact that those enemies were designed as they were due to RAM limitations on the PS2 - DMC3 Dante actually did a huge number on the available system resources due to the ridiculous quantity of abilities he had access to at any given time and to compensate, the developers regularly mixed different enemies with only a handful of attacks each into groups. Quantity vs. quality and all that. On the bright side, this made learning Royal Guard REALLY easy.

DMC4 meanwhile, Frosts, Mega Scarecrows, Assaults, Bianco Angelos, Alto Angelos (Especially with Bianco Support), Fausts, Mephistos and Blitz say howdy. Eight out of thirteen ain't bad, especially when three of the other enemies (Scarecrows, Gladius, Basilisk) are low tier mooks designed to be mixed in with other groups, the latter two made obvious by the utility of Gladius and Basilisk busters which offers useful, powerful ranged attacks for Nero.

User Info: produner

4 years ago#68
TC doesn't even lift; he does repetitive air movements while wearing cowboy boots in a dice game.

User Info: RichterB17

4 years ago#69
Yuber255 posted...
SHMYazoo posted...
akira_hisyam posted...
leaderboards?? im bet 99percent people play this game got A rank or above for any difficulty.

Leaderboards are not about the A, S, SS or SSS rank. You can die 100 times and get SSS. We're talking about the stats breakdown. People said it was too easy but they were too afraid to show the Stylish Score (the points below the Rank), number of deaths, speed, etc.

Don't think any of the antis loons are afraid mate. Honestly I just think none of them give enough of a f*** to play the game long enough to unlock DMD.

I mean what that's like 3 playthroughs?
Honestly I only played half the game myself and it felt like my soul was being sucked out it was so boring lol.

This^. I got up to Mission 15 on Nephilim and I was so bored I felt no reason to continue playing the game. Anyway there is a guy named Hardcoreviolenceshow on Youtube who has made several pre and post patch videos showing how easy DMD is. Evidence seemed pretty clear to me.
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User Info: RagueltheUFO

4 years ago#70
Also, also, also~

Why do scoreboards matter in this time an age? We see games where people ignore the scoreboard especially in fighting games where you can just delete your score if you have a losing record and lie about your rank.

Playing DmC 3 times is a hassle if there is no replay value, ne?
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