This game is so good

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  3. This game is so good

User Info: cthulhufatagn

4 years ago#1
As a poorly written fictional character, trust me when I say that this game is utterly amazing
Cthulhu Fatagn!!!

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#2
Cthulhu has better dialogue than Donte.

User Info: Strelok

4 years ago#3
I am not lying when I'm saying that Calimero has better written dialogue than Donte.

And Calimero fails basic grammar.
And is a better underdog.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#4
Pesmerga255 posted...
Cthulhu has better dialogue than Donte.


User Info: trueOgre_Killer

4 years ago#5
Agreed, TC. This game is really good...
Supernova is not an illusion.

User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#6
I love the username :D
I love my fans...too bad most of them aren't the good kind :D
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  3. This game is so good

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