Why people don't want DmC 2?

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User Info: produner

4 years ago#51
Psychochild27 posted...

It was necessary though - DMC3's aerial combat as it came to be known wasn't intended by the developers in the original release. This is apparent in how enemies in that game have so few anti-air options for a character who can generally stay up in the air for a ridiculously long period of time and how easy it was to get enemies up in the air once you learned the basic motion as everything that could be easily launched generally had the same hitbox.

You have to remember, changes to jump cancelling was something that was only going to be truly felt by the DMC3 fanbase and it is important to the longevity of a game like this that you continue to add more layers and more hooks to challenge your players. This means having better designed enemies with more subtle attack cues and more attacks in general. This means shifting the focus ever so slightly from having one style that a player can do everything comfortably in and try to balance them to encourage constant, rapid switches back and forth.

These are not changes that were going to keep new players from jumping in. For crying out loud, they had Nero who was very well a DMC1 Dante parallel with a much more modern combat engine and leagues more control over enemies than any character in DMC has ever had to that point backing the experience up and the game actually featured a much more forgiving difficulty along with a gradual learning curve that wasn't present in DMC1 or DMC3 where they just tossed you into the thick of things with enemies that could slaughter you in no time.

DMC4's biggest downfall I'd argue was that it got too overzealous on catering to its high-level players with one single weapon - The Lucifer.

Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant weapon and one of my favorites in the series next to Rebellion but it's a weapon that NO ONE except for a ridiculously small percentage of the DMC playerbase would ever reach a comfortable degree of skill with and that only such a small percentage would care about the ridiculous combo opportunities a weapon like that could introduce. Want to combo Overdrive into Round Trip into Kick 13 without the enemy touching the ground? Lucifer made it possible but it was ultimately a cumbersome annoyance to people who weren't willing to reach that level of play wanted to be able to shelf it but couldn't, handicapping their play until they were forced to adjust otherwise.

Well, i agree with the changes as i mentioned before, but most new of new players would run away when trying to level up and some of the game mechanics are inaccessible or useless for their level, but still, nero was there as an easy mode; thought nero requires some work to master and use him effectively.

As for advanced players, yeah Lucifer requires some annoying stuff like triangle> JC > guard if you want to maintain your altitude and position. But really it is supposed to be a long ranged weapon and an easy pinup> explode for damage, and players are supposed to find things out but not up to lucifer's juggles and properties, and remember that its juggling is enemy specific and that is big nope for most players, aside from having to specialize in using a weapon that isn't well rounded and easy to use.

I find lucifer fine as it is, but a bit excessive, they should make it a bit more effective and add a layer or a level of usage that is accessible before using its juggles and stun properties in the air.

User Info: DemonVelsper

4 years ago#52
"They did everything wrongly in this game" but didn't it have potential?

If they did everything wrong then that would seem to indicate "no"...?
Prejudice is a great time-saver. It enables you to form opinions without bothering to get facts.

User Info: No_one_special

4 years ago#53
PunkMcThrust posted...
SilentS89 posted...

I want a game better than DMC4.

It's called DMC3


Styles-on-the-fly >>>>>> Pausing to change styles.
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