Am I the only one who thought DMC3 didn't have good bosses?

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  3. Am I the only one who thought DMC3 didn't have good bosses?

User Info: BladeDog911

4 years ago#1
Vergil was awesome, but other than him the other bosses were kind of mediocre.

I don't know, I just didn't like the bosses. Most of them weren't fun to fight. I mean they aren't as bad as DmC's bosses, but still.

User Info: Edward_R_Murrow

4 years ago#2
Time for some delicious copypasta. And for the record, my favorite bosses are Beowulf and Agni & Rudra. I kind of like Lady, Nevan, Vergil, and Leviathan too.

A lot of DMC3 bosses are pretty meh when compared to the genre's best. They suffer from one or more of three main afflictions: discouraging melee combat, lots of boring "downtime", and an overabundance of "shields" to break before you can damage them.

Only a few bosses suffer from the first thing. Unfortunately, they happen to be the two first bosses a player will encounter; Cerberus and Gigapede. Both are built in such a way as to severely discourage any sort of melee offensive...though I doubt this design was intentional. Sure, you can attack Cerberus with melee attacks with the right loadout and some skill, but moves like the headbutt, icicle drop, and ice breath are all spammed heavily on higher difficulties and discourage close range combat. His ice shields also regenerate far too quickly, forcing you to disengage and shoot the rime off him.

The second one is pretty widespread. Only Beowulf, A&R, Lady, and (to a degree) Nevan don't suffer from this problem. Basically, most of the DMC3 bosses have times when they will go into AI patterns where it isn't really profitable to attack, but it also isn't very difficult to dodge what the enemy is doing. This leads to some very boring sequences in the fight where you engage in simple dodging (or dolphin-blasting) schemes for far too long. See: Geryon's run-around, Vergil 3's Ultimate Judgment Cuts, Arkham's legions, everything about the awful Jester fights, and whenever Vergil decides to fire up the sword tutu on DMD (yes, you can use Quicksilver in the regular game, but you probably don't want that style in Bloody Palace, where he tends to show up).

And the final one is almost every fight that isn't against Beowulf or A&R. To damage most bosses you basically have to go through some sort of hoops in order to actually damage their health bar besides just hitting them with your attacks. This means that every boss fight will become very repetitive, especially when you are dealing with boss fights that put up little resistance once you've broken their shield. It can be obvious like Nevan, Cerby, and Jester or a little more subtle like Vergil wherein his shield is "broken" whenever you hit him after certain moves, granting you a free nine hits, strung together, against him.

Just compare Vergil 3 to Angelo Credo to see where DMC3 bosses come up short against some of the best in the genre. Vergil has long periods of downtime where all you can do is dodge, and dodging is none too difficult. You can always be attacking or counter-attacking Credo; there's no boring parts. Attacking Vergil is as simple as using a safe move during some of his recovery frames and the following up with the most damage you can string together in nine hits. With Credo, you're attacking in between his hits, right after dodges, and turning his attacks against him.

Don't get me wrong, in the grand scheme of action games, DMC3 bosses are pretty high up on the totem pole, but remember a lot of the crowd here are, uh, finicky? Yeah, that's the right term.

User Info: Pesmerga255

4 years ago#3
DmC has terrible bosses.


User Info: PunkMcThrust

4 years ago#4
As far as I'm concerned only Leviathan Heart, Geryon, and Arkham are bad.

Arkham imo being the worst boss in the whole series.
Leviathan Heart is fine if you're using Swordmaster, but nobody wants their moves to be limited or discouraged in Devil May Cry.

Geryon is just pure crap.

Beyond that, I love me some demon chessboard.
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User Info: FireMage7777

4 years ago#5
I don't see how people can say Geryon is bad...Geryon is a great boss
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#6
I should qualify what I said in the other topic--compared to most games, DMC3's bosses are good. But compared to other ones we've seen in the series? Indeed, some of them are lackluster. The repetitive "pattern" of wearing them down to get an opening mentioned above is definitely a problem in more than one of the battles.

And I don't see how the quality of DmC's bosses has anything to do with the topic. We all know they're worse. Nothing more to add on that front.
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User Info: Ink-Ribbon

4 years ago#7
Pesmerga255 posted...
DmC has terrible bosses.



Now stop derailing a good topic.

Anyway, DMC 3 had the best bosses after DMC 1, in my view. Too bad DMC 4 ignored everything in that regard...:(

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User Info: LordOfCinder

4 years ago#8
Maybe not, but I certainly don't agree. It definitely had the best lineup out of any DMC game for one good reason; it's the only game that has no repeated boss fights (outside of the boss rush mission, but that shouldn't really count). On top of that, it still has a good number of varied and different bosses.

DMC1 only had 4 unique bosses, and you had to fight each one of them 3 times, so they kinda got repetitive. DMC4 was so-so; it had some pretty good bosses like Credo, Belial and Echidna, but it also had mediocre ones like Dante, the Savior and the toads, and don't get me started on that stupid Agnus human form fight (gotta be the worst DMC boss I've ever faced outside DMC2).

I can't really say DMC3 had any bad boss fights at all. The only possible exception is Arkham's second phase where Vergil comes in, because he somehow overrides your style completely and makes you unable to use DT. That honestly really ruined an otherwise epic boss battle.

Oh yeah, there is the Doppelganger. It was kind of lame, but I guess I never cared about it much. I also enjoyed Geryon's boss fight, but I wish it just starts on the coliseum straight away. Always thought the bridge part and the cutscene that follows it were unnecessary, and they got annoying after every continue. Otherwise, it was a pretty good fight.
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User Info: darkslayer001

4 years ago#9
Come to think of it DMC4 fixed a lot of problems (mentioned by Murrow) with the bosses from DMC3. The repetition really hid away all the great stuff from DMC4.
The bosses were a great balance, good patterns, and awesome design.
Only the sparda statue wasn't good, but then again i don't consider it a boss.

oh and the glass shield boss fight was odd and felt like a chore. But likely it finished fast

User Info: Rising_shadow

4 years ago#10
The only possible exception is Arkham's second phase where Vergil comes in, because he somehow overrides your style completely and makes you unable to use DT.

That's more due to shoddy programming. Vergil is actually taking the place of the Doppeldanger you'd have while using that style so he forcibly overrides your style and DT. I think a second player can actually control Vergil like with the DD.
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  3. Am I the only one who thought DMC3 didn't have good bosses?

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