Do you accept other peoples opinions on this game?

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User Info: PunkMcThrust

4 years ago#11
QCTeamkill posted...
PunkMcThrust posted...
I accept Anti's opinions because their opinions on this game are correct

Rofl. Here's a banjo, play it.

You're better off passing that to Shiggy, I have no clue how to play a banjo.
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User Info: NeoTStyle

4 years ago#12
From: BigKahn_13 | #006

Anyone who likes DmC: Devil May Cry is not a real gamer and should not call themselves a gamer in my eyes.


User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#13
I accept anyone's opinion as long as they have valid reasons for being a pro. You can enjoy this game, but don't try to defend it by saying the old games were overrated or claiming there is no reason to dislike the game. Everyone knows there are a bunch of reasons to hate this game, if you don't, that's fine, but don't act like there aren't any.
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User Info: UtaNapishti

4 years ago#14
"I like the game" - I don't understand it, but I can accept it. However, I suspect most people saying this game is better than the originals probably haven't played the originals, or are just defending the game for the sake of sticking up for the underdog.

"DmC should replace the original series" - I don't accept this at all. If you believe this, I hate you.

User Info: Yuber255

4 years ago#15
Well I like to say that I'm accepting of other people's opinions on this game but lets be real here, I hated the game so much I couldn't even finish it obviously I'm biased to anyone who calls it great or something.

For me it's the equivalent of someone saying they like the smell of poo, you act like you accept it while deep down you're turning up your nose at them and have no idea how they could like such a disgusting thing
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User Info: Rukumouru

4 years ago#16
I have a very hard time accepting the opinions of the more hardcore pros and antis.

Across the more moderate spectrum, I don't care whether you like or dislike the game and whether you want or don't want more DmC.

My own opinion in case anyone cares, is that DmC is one of the better games in the genre considering how many abominations of the Heavenly Sword / GoW variety there are out there, deserving of somewhere between a 6 and an 8 in its PC version (and admittedly, a 5 to a 6 in its console version. I mean, 30 fps. Wat.)

Devil May Cry 3 and 4 are vastly superior products and I like the original series far, far more. I wouldn't mind seeing more DmC with its flaws adressed, but if I can only have one, Devil May Cry wins by a landslide. No contest.

User Info: demonfang178

4 years ago#17
I can accept opposing views as long as the justification is valid. If someone told me DMC3 was their favorite game because of the intricate combat mechanics that test you as much as you test them, the way almost every move that a practical purpose (except Drive, god, Drive is worthless), which is something a lot of HnS games can't claim, and because there's a plethora of methods of tackling enemies, then fine, cool beans. But if some other person told me the same thing but their reason was because...idunno they have a fetish for long swords or something, I am going to look at them funny.

But one of those reasons for this game cannot be the level design. Anyone thinks this game has good level design needs to play World 7 of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

User Info: Werndan101

4 years ago#18
No. Some opinions are wrong. It's okay to have them, but never mention them to anyone.
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User Info: 5hadows

4 years ago#19
Werndan101 posted...
No. Some opinions are wrong. It's okay to have them, but never mention them to anyone.
Ill add something here later....

User Info: RagueltheUFO

4 years ago#20
Nah, I prefer the option where there are facts involved. Its like people Metroid Other M is better than the Prime series or Sonic 06 being the best in comparison to the older Sonic games or Sonic Generations.
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