Do you accept other peoples opinions on this game?

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  3. Do you accept other peoples opinions on this game?

User Info: DevilTears604

4 years ago#41
ZeroX91 posted...
A topic about whether people can tolerate others opinions lead to an argument.... the natural course of things I guess, kinda explains why congress is useless though.

Yeah...amazing how we, the people want change in our government, and then we elect to Congress.......the exact same people....

On the topic, I completely respect other people's views of this game. It is one of my favorite games this year. And in the series, second only to DMC3..

But at the same time, just because I like it, doesn't mean everyone has to like it.
Gamers are too reactionary. Games are like fine wine, they must linger for us to get their true taste. There are plenty of examples.

User Info: ZeroX91

4 years ago#42
Too bad everybody wants to be Jim Taylor instead of Jefferson Smith....

*wonders if anyone will actually get that reference*
Official Pyro Jack of the SMT IV board.

User Info: Nick_Kazama

4 years ago#43
It's fine for some one to like this steaming pile of doggie do-do, but the fact is, 98% of this game's fans are so horrible. They feel the need to whine about valid points on why this game is bad and then call you a fanboy and use the old tired hair argument.
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#44
I accept that they have different opinions, I also accept that those are terrible opinions.
"The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister!" ~The Question
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  3. Do you accept other peoples opinions on this game?

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