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User Info: RagueltheUFO

4 years ago#331
Strelok posted...
I tried to keep it civil, then just gave up. The last thing we need is Prolls saying we are the trolls, yet here we are.

Inktroll is at it again. Urgh.

And nothing is done to change it. Again. Bias mods are bias.

Honestly the only mods worse are the ones on where they promote racism (against Event Status because they're all cowards and can't face him directly) and ban you for having a difference of opinion.

User Info: RagueltheUFO

4 years ago#332
Baseman posted...
From: RagueltheUFO | Posted: 5/18/2013 6:26:57 PM | #302
Even if I accept it doesn't mean I believe it

Then don't accept it, wtf?

You mods aren't doing a good job at reassuring everyone on this forum except the people that are actually being offensive.

I'm reassuring them that the rules will be enforced as I have been saying over and over again in this topic. I'm not going to start deleting things that don't need to be deleted because you want me to.

Nice how you forgot that I didn't have a choice. I'll repeat myself. I was gone for a day and if I didn't accept it, I would lose karma.

And no, you are not reinforcing the rules if you are letting people insult others. You'll just skipping over posts that make good points, taking apart sections of posts and then making your own argument like most mods do to prove a point.

Sheesh at least the mods in TV Tropes know when to stop a fight entirely. They blocked the whole DmC page because of the fighting when editing comments and I hate how egotistical the mods are there.

User Info: Error1355

4 years ago#333
If someone is breaking the rules, mark them for moderation. If you simply do not like them, use the ignore feature. If you mark something and it doesn't get deleted it either wasn't a violation or a moderator has yet to see it.

Simple as that. Just because you don't agree with their opinion or they are simply rude does not mean we need to delete their message. If you marked a message your part is done. If you are frequently marking messages that are not being deleted... You likely don't actually understand the rules.
They let us play with markers...
...but I keep trying to draw infinity.
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