The DMC Experience

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User Info: mrX705

4 years ago#1

I know hes talking about Dark/Demon Souls, but thats just one example of an experience that a certain series offers.

"People who dont want the experience a specific title offers have no need to purchase it when the product as it stands isnt their thing anyways and altering it to better suit their taste will make it something it isnt."

That describes how the majority of the fanbase feels about this game. From the first game, the series was about fast paced combat. DmC on the other hand decided to take the completely opposite way. They focused more on the story and visuals while combat took a back seat, even slowing it down. Everything about the original design of Donte was the complete opposite of what Kamiya had in mind for Dante. In their attempt to make it more accessible, they lost the identity of the series.
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User Info: raidensrose

4 years ago#2
Yeah, this is the reason I'm so disgusted with this reboot. Why change a game like Devil May Cry at all? It's pretty much perfect for what it's supposed to be. Replacing it with shallow combat and an attempt at a deep story (which failed) doesn't make any sense.

I guess casual gamers could have been more interested, but they mostly weren't. DMC has never been a game for casuals, so changing what has made it iconic/legendary is ridiculous.
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