If Capcom support is so firm....

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User Info: Kyrylo

4 years ago#121
Ink-Ribbon posted...
FrostDancer289 posted...
Kyrylo posted...
Strelok posted...
Apparently Inkie thinks liking Lilith over Lady is the reasonable thing to do.

Considering his concept of "reasonable" is about as far from actually reasonable as you can get...

ink is reasonable grannie chaser

You mean the type of grannies that age horribly? XD

You can always get one of the grannies from Highlander series. Some of them were quite beautifull, skilled and experts. Maybe each one of us could need them in the future.

What d you think? ;)

I mean grannies like Lilith with falling off skin. that you find sooooo hot.

User Info: SiLVeR_420

4 years ago#122
Strelok posted...
There is a fifth film?

The first was great.
The second make me cry. They did Highlander wrong and they did Cyberpunk wrong.
The third was... meh. It wasn't awful but... meh.
The fourth had me screaming obscenities for a long time because Connor died to Duncan? WHAT THE FLYING *censored*

Sounds kind of like how the Christopher Reeve Superman films went. Except 2 was still pretty good.

1 was awesome.
2 was pretty good.
3 was meh but not completely terrible. I'm counting what came after which makes this film a lot better in comparison.
4 was "oh *censored you!"
Mizore Shirayukis snowbunny.
Hey Sony. Remember that time I owned a PS2?...friends?
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