Its over, this game was a financial disaster

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User Info: NextGenCowboy

3 years ago#41
Prismsblade posted...
Rising_shadow posted...
Let's talk math then. Let's say Capcom sold say, 9 million copies of all previous DMC games altogether. Say they sold them each for 10 dollars. 9 times 10. That's 90 million. Except the vast majority of new games go on sale for around 60 dollars. They also sell around 80% of their total lifetime sales in the first month of release as most interested people will typically buy something they want soon after release. That means most sales are made at prices close to that 60 dollar mark.

Let's discount say, 1.5 million copies from that total price figure to account for the DMC3 Special Edition which sold at around 30 dollars on release as it was the greatest hits edition of the game.
Now, at this point I suspect most people don't need to do the math to realize that yeah, Capcom made way more than just 100 million dollars from the series, even discounting things like currency as in Europe games are priced much higher, in some countries being around 65/70 euros new. That's over 80 dollars per game by the way.

In short, yep, Capcom made a nice dime on the series.

Its not that simple, retail stores like gamestop or any store for that matter selling the games obtain part of its revenue so even though the game sold for say 60$ after the stores cut it would be less afterward. Then you have to deduct other things such as how most the game actually cost to make, the price of the number of copys printed, and shipped, advertising and other things.

Simply multiplying the number of copys sold x (insert price here) will not yield a accurate figure.

That's not quite how it's done. As I pointed out earlier in the thread, and another thread, and it's ultimately irrelevant to the original discussion. To make billions of yen for Capcom, all the games needed to bring in for profit is around 20 million U.S dollars. Which the games most assuredly did when taking all their incarnations into account. Even a conservative estimate of DMC4 alone puts it close to half of that by itself, even after a huge chunk is removed to pay all proper parties.

User Info: Android_25

3 years ago#42
Prismsblade posted...
Android_25 posted...
Prismsblade posted...
Android_25 posted...
syctheweilder posted...
what the hell does that mean

i dunno. ask him for comparing DMC to pokemon. i just made a stupid post illustrate how stupid it is.

I obviously meant the sales figures genius, invest yourself in a few braincells first before questioning others intelligence.

didn't know pokemon is a hack'n'slash game to compare its sales to DMC? i guess i missed the part where i used scyther to cut my enemies and do awesome combos.

The genre is irrelevant, sales are sales, and the DMC series has not earned capcom anywhere NEAR a billion, hell I doubt even a 100 mil overall.

I'm talking USD btw.

ha? so, what happened to DMC being a japanese series? why you care how much it sells in US?
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  3. Its over, this game was a financial disaster

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