This game has done more GOOD for the series than BAD.

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  3. This game has done more GOOD for the series than BAD.

User Info: Hacknslashlover

3 years ago#271
rice_noodles posted...
Arkham Spidey is a automode QTE fest set in a building that recycles environment harder than... uhh... a recycling facility.

It's why he liked it my silly friendo :^)

It's almost like you forgot he's a casual player :^)
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User Info: blazer4lyfe

3 years ago#272

I get what you are trying to say, but I simply disagree in it working out that way. While there is no doubt that new fans were brought into the genre, there is no promise they will stick around. Perhaps the opposite of what you said happened? They tried it and it confirmed that they do not like the genre. Very much possible. However just like the positive spin, this does not apply to all those individuals who tried it out. If anything IMHO I think they might have pushed more fans away from the genre rather than attracted more of them to it.

2nd, I totally understand that Capcom wanted a piece of the GOW pie. I mean who would not want that kind of profit. But they completely went about it the wrong way. Or rather they tried to be sneaky about it and it totally failed. Santa Monica studios hit gold with the GOW franchise. So in subsequent sequels they only made it a more and more epic experience. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the story and characters, and game play of the series, but you cannot deny that they stuck to what they knew best and just made it better and better as the series went on. And it managed to capture the attention of a lot of people and proceed to hold that attention.

Capcom wanted that but essentially went cheap on everything. The GOW series set a standard, and while wholly different from the DMC franchise they are the standard bearer in regards to profits and success for the HnS genre. Yes DMC completely revolutionized the genre. But GOW came in and stole its thunder for lack of a better phrase. So if you want to compete with that then you need to essentially steal the thunder back from the GOW series. And in its attempt to do that what does Capcom do?

They hire a pretty crappy developer that has a track record of making bad games. On top of that Ninja Theory in addition to making bad games, has no experience making a game with this deep a combat engine. If Capcom wanted to pursue using Ninja Theory then they should have insisted on teaching them their MT Framework engine and really teaching them the intricacies of how they wanted the combat to look and feel. They did none of this. They wanted a developer on the cheap to develop a game that would find a way to compete with the GOW series for a fraction of the cost. Sorry but the phrase you get what you pay for rings heavily in my mind as I type this.

Then on top of that, there is the whole fiasco with Tamtam insulting the fan base, disregarding what the fans wanted, telling them he does not care, and basically alienating the original fan base. Sorry but no matter how anyone attempts to twist it, that is not a good idea. Especially when you are attempting a reboot of a beloved franchise that survives entirely off of the loyalty of its fan base. I know plenty of people who play video games, and people who do not play video games who have heard of the GOW series. The DMC series on the other hand???? Not so much.

If Capcom wanted a piece of the pie that GOW was munching on then they should have brought the boom. Do not hire a crappy developer, then let said developer insult and degrade the loyal fan base that supports the game in the first place. That is not how you build further sales. That is not how you expand the games popularity. They should have payed the money to have a good developer to make the game.

You can have a good modified 11-12 second car sitting in your garage. If you want to drop that speed into the 10s and 9s range you do not go out and purchase inferior parts for your car. You pay the money to get the better parts. I know its not the best analogy but that is essentially what Capcom did.
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  3. This game has done more GOOD for the series than BAD.

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