Why do people hate this game so much?

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User Info: dothackfan

3 years ago#1
Look, not trying to be a troll. Not using seperate accounts to "flood" the forums (as i've read people have done watching this forum the last week or so), and not trying to start a war.
Just why do people hate DMC so much?
I have played Devil May Cry since the day the first one came out, Loved all of them but 4.
When DMC came out, I went and picked it up immediatly.
I love it, absolutely love it, almost as much as I love Devil May Cry 3.
Everything I have seen on this forum has been about "only people who have never played the first 4 love DMC" and I honestly genuinely don't understand why?
I mean I can get people don't like change, but is that the only reason?

Once again, and I CAN'T stress this enough, not trying to troll, start a war or anything, been on Gamefaqs for YEARS, i'm just curious is all.
Thanks! :)
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User Info: smithkakarot

3 years ago#2
While I don't really HATE this like some other people...

-30 FPS
-Insufferable main character
-Having to hold either L2 or R2 to keep your other weapons equipped, rather than simply pressing them once
-Story ripped off from They Live and Futurama
-Tameem trashing the original franchise
"Welcome to Oblivion!"-Vegeta

User Info: Strelok

3 years ago#3
I will give a quick summary, just the facts.

1: Gameplay is inferior to the older games. Less weapons, ranged weapons are useless, forcing to hold a button, 30 FPS instead of 60, bugs and glitches that break the game, overuse of platforming as unnecessary padding (And even then the platforming is dull to a fault), context sensitive boss-elements that are required to beat it (It's just one step below a QTE), game is ridiculously easy. This games SoS mode is... about on par with DMC3 (Vanilla) Easy. It's that easy. Inadequate engine for the type of game (UE3 is good for shooters. It's horrible for H&S games. It doesn't handle Third Person very well as it has to render more stuff, meaning it has problems rendering another enemy, AI suffers, framerate drops like a brick...) This about sums it up gameplay wise.

2: Smear campaign by the devs and "professional videogame journalists". Any criticism was summed up as "You hate the hair". In the end the devs were insulting the fanbase AND the original franchise, as well as several other franchises by saying videogame stories are trite and that this game will blow it all out of the water. Unfriendly jabs at the fanbase that make no sense in the game (The infamous (Leaked in 2011, when the "white hair" craze was at its peak) wig scene is a great example.) for absolutely no reason other than to spite the fanbase.

3: It practically killed any chance for seeing another DMC game. Personally, I saw this happen twice. Once with Shadowrun (360 game was a horrible butchered version, took several years before a REAL Shadowrun game was made) and then with this game. And so far this goes exactly in the same way.

Bad PR, mediocre game trying to be the best.
And this is just the facts, not even touching the opinion stuff like how msot people feel the story is awful, the characters are unlikable and the colour saturation makes you wish to put spoons in your eyes.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: dothackfan

3 years ago#4
Actually, quite impressed with both of your responses, facts instead of trolling so thank you.
On a further note, I laughed quite hard at the white haired new Dante scene.
I like that developers can laugh and have a joke. While I can see how it is insulting, I generally took it as a laugh. (Granted i'm a hardcore Devil May Cry fan) I still found it funny.
But that's my opinion.

But alright I can see a little more why people don't like it.

But while I could argue some points I won't, I will argue one.
UDK for Hack and Slash I thought was awesome (Developers point of view though.) Seeing new genre's and idea's than FPS'S, come from one of my favorite engine's of all time, made me happy. :)
But alright continue with anything else people have. I am still curious to hear from other people.
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User Info: NextGenCowboy

3 years ago#5
The engine's outdated though. Instead of trying to build an engine from the ground up, or taking the framework that was already in place and expanded upon it; they instead used an engine that couldn't handle what was required of it. There's nothing inherently wrong with trying to expand engines, and use them in new types of genres. NT has already tried this though, with the same engine, twice, and it should have been evident that it wasn't going to stand up to the frenetic gameplay of DMC.

User Info: dothackfan

3 years ago#6
I personally thought it stood up quite well. :o
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User Info: Strelok

3 years ago#7
Well, to your credit, you came in, asked politely and were respectful.
A refreshing change from the trolling waves we get here every now and then.

I am happy that you got some enjoyment out of the scene. However, when that scene was leaked, it was pretty much at the peak of journalists insulting the fanbase, saying all the issues were just about the hair. WHen the leak was revealed a lot of us were "Oh no they wouldn't. That would just be horrendously petty"
Sadly, they did. And the fact that his hair turns white at the end anyway the entire thing was... just unnecessary.

On UE3:
I can see the engines potential, but it simply isn't suited for a DMC style game. There are too many issues at the games core that will cause issues, and we see them quite evidently, from texture popping (Minor annoyance) to clipping through walls and floors after a teleport (due to how the engine calculates a teleport. This is why a game like Dishonored made Blink not quite a teleport but simply freezing the world, move you to the target while remaining a physical object in the world, and then resuming time) and this is potentially able to kill you or break the level. Same for enemy spawning, you can teleport past a spawnpoint, and then enter the arena. Empty arena, no enemies to fight and the trigger spot is unreachable. Reload your checkpoint, you're stuck.

I could keep going why it could work for a lot of games, but just not a DMC game. It could work for all kinds of horror games, even third person, or a brawler which is not reliant on super fast action and frame specific jumpcancels and teleport mechanics. Like the Batman Arkham X games.
Sadly, for this type of game, they should have taken the time to learn the NT Framework engine, which Capcom offered to teach, with English documentation.
NT was all "Nah-uh, we only use UE3, because we can't be bothered to learn anything else"
A lot of issues with the game could have beena voided solely by going NT Frameworks.

And now I will stop boring you with engine talk. Vroom vroom.
Goodbye Bubbles, dearest of pets. I'll miss you, always. 2nd June 2004 - 22nd August 2009

User Info: NextGenCowboy

3 years ago#8
It's limited 30 FPS, while other DMCs are 60, so I can't say it stood up too well.

User Info: dothackfan

3 years ago#9
Hey continue the engine talk. I'm enjoying this. o.o
I work with UDK, CryEngine, and Unity, still learning but love them all! *cough UDK is still my favorite cough* but doesn't hurt to know them all. :)

But as for the journalists thing, I guess my thing with that to be honest, is I didn't really see much hype for it except at Gamestop as I didn't get the magazines, nor had internet at the time so I was relying purely on employee's at gamestop to tell me what they have read up on it and friends.
So I guess I could see how that could be frustrating.
The only trailer I did see about DMC coming out was a gameplay trailer.
So I missed all that. :o

As for the engine issues, I played DMC on the PS3, and only issues I had we're some minor graphical tears but that was rare, haven't seen any of the glitches yet, so I guess i'm biased on that opinion as I haven't noticed it.
But when it happens i'll definitely notice it. :)

As for the FPS, once again on PS3 so didn't really notice. If I played it on the PC however I would definitely pick that up more.

But thank you Sterlock, don't worry i'm not a troll, never will be, and have been part of gamefaqs since the sega saturn days. I generally try to have respectful mature discussions on here.
PSN: Notrucks

User Info: NextGenCowboy

3 years ago#10
The PC port was handled by a third party, bumped to 60 FPS, and by all accounts had a lot of work done by said third party to make it a much more polished and enjoyable game overall.

Even in terms of being a definitive version though, the game still has flaws mechanically, particularly for the kinds of people that will hang around a message board dedicated to DMC games. This is a broad generalization, but many of the people who hang around message boards have more than a passing interest in the games at hand. Either from a mechanical standpoint, a story standpoint, or anything in between.

Story's pretty much subjective, I prefer the old series, but that's up the individual. Mechanically though, there is some objectivity there, and not only from an FPS standpoint. Capcom's goal with this game, as has been stated, was to widen the audience by making the game more accessible. This isn't a bad thing, but when DMC had a reputation for being a challenging game, with systems in place that took months, or years to master, making the game more accessible, without keeping that skill ceiling, as this game did, turns a lot of fans off.

Whether you like DMC4's systems are not, it's undeniably an extremely complex game, as is DMC3, the combo potential is nearly limitless, and with the implementation of the style system, you get an even more complex game. DmC was lacking in that department, both from a challenge perspective, and from a combo standpoint. That's purely from what I've seen.
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