petition for the revival of dante and kill donte

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User Info: LordKaizer

3 years ago#11
UltimateGeth39 posted...
LordKaizer posted...
fifinambo posted...
TehDuuuDeAbides posted...
We already won the battle. Now we just wait for 2015.

*sits on Dante's chair*

Why? What happens in 2015? Capcom makes more bad life choices?

they are focusing on the mobile market in japan more than console market around the world from their recent news.

Good then they're less likely to f*** up any more franchises I like

*Sees resident evil 7 rumors*

You just love proving me wrong don't you capcom

i don't trust rumors at all unless the rumors become true like the last of us is on ps4.

i hope someone could just fire the CEO of capcom and try to fix all the mess he caused.
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User Info: bigdom93

3 years ago#12
is it the rumor that they're going to let ninja theory write the story for resident evil 7 specifically tameem
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User Info: Strelok

3 years ago#13
That would be hilarious as then it is 100% certain that Capcom is comitting the commercial equivalent of seppeku, too wallowed up in dishonor due to their malicious practices they wish to cleanse their name and put an end to it.
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  3. petition for the revival of dante and kill donte

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