After this game, I have never wanted DMC5 so badly.

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  3. After this game, I have never wanted DMC5 so badly.

User Info: ZeroX07

3 years ago#401
Damn, right!

User Info: ZeroX91

3 years ago#402
....Digimon tcg then?
*insert something clever here*

User Info: ZeroX07

3 years ago#403
*drags the other Zero to the bedroom*

**** in this family we play Yu-Gi-Oh! Remember that! Now you go outside, and fix it! Fix it!

User Info: ZeroX91

3 years ago#404
*walks out with a black eye*
I-I b-believe in the hear*starts sobbing*
*insert something clever here*

User Info: SBK91

3 years ago#405
I wasn't aware that any items are allowed actually for a PP run.

Same here. The ones that don't lower your rank don't even show up on the results screen.

What is the basic strategy for Laambo then on that level?

Equip Double Power, Dodge Mine and make sure Drill Spring is on. Once you get the enemy remote you use Drill Rising->Drill's basic attack with the biggest Drill you can muster, then dodge if Drill shrinks, Laambo moves away, blocks or attacks. Once he's back under control rinse and repeat, using Items when you run low on energy (which will be frequently) and recruiting more enemies when you can. Drill Spring+Dodge Mine kills him faster than Drill will, once he gets to his blue lifebar I just spammed dodge and killed him with plenty of combo points.

What really makes the fight great is there's no checkpoint before it, so you get to watch Blue's monologue, the unskippable cutscene and re-PP Mission 1 each time you fail.

Are you sure about that?

Would I have said so if I wasn't?

They do act.

Without the individual needing to, hence bypassing Requiem's power.

Why what?

Does he not attempt to stop them?

Again, misinformation.

Can you point to a single instance of canon showing why it is misinformation?


No, Requiem's.

Yup, they do nothing next to GER.

How so? Genie can grant any wish and Requiem doesn't have any power over abilities from outside his world, nor can he prevent others from acting using abilities that aren't their own.

Let's see if I can explain this in a way you can understand.

What I understand is Requiem did not do what it said it could. Why?

Except they can.

If they grow a Heart. Xemnas didn't.

First battle against him in TWTNW, Unknown in KH1.

In both cases he was screwing with him. Neither injured Xemnas nor inconvenienced him. Why didn't he attack earlier?

It's not.

Why do you have such a hard time accepting canon? We've been over this.

He doesn't fire arrows.

Whatever you want to call that projectile that lodged into Diavolo, without it, he was powerless.


Rhetorical question that conveyed Sora's desire to Genie, and Genie delivered.

If by that you mean twisting the canon where it suits you then, yes.

What have I twisted? Be specific, and explain why it is the case with links and scans.

Not really.

Then he's already acting, in which case Supes lost.

He was the MC at the time

Who reacted in a timestop, hence proving they are not limited to manifesting their powers in 'normal time'.

the time reversal takes a good bit of time to set up and it get's worse everytime he uses it.

Which has nothing to do with Riku acting during it.

A few posts ago.

Prove it. Quote the post.

But if you've forgotten the link where GER negates MIH

The link you never provided and occurs outside canon? What about it?

Or are you referring to the link to the wiki you initially provided then decided to forget?

No, the post you linked to it.

That Sora isn't fast enough to kill Giorno before GER appears.

Oh, that would be laughably wrong.

User Info: ZeroX07

3 years ago#406

So...let's play?
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  3. After this game, I have never wanted DMC5 so badly.

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