I'm so glad this board is dead.

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  3. I'm so glad this board is dead.

User Info: Kouhaii

4 weeks ago#1
Seriously, you guys were the worst lol. It was a terrible game and the way it was defended here by some of you was pathetic. May this abortion to DMC eventually be forgotten.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

User Info: Ink-Ribbon

3 weeks ago#2
I never thought I would come back after so many years...Good memories, no doubt. XD

Game was fine, but it had its flaws.

User Info: Black Out

Black Out
3 weeks ago#3
Quite a testament how wrong @shatterstar was. And of course, he's never heard from or seen again. Good riddance.
The Official Manchester Black of the C&GN Board
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  3. I'm so glad this board is dead.

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