Using "devil trigger"?

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User Info: jms_209

4 years ago#1
How do I use it?
I'm playing on PC with PS3 controller/motion joy.
The controller set up did not show what button was for the trigger mode.

Also what are the controls supposed to be on PS3?
L2/R2 to dodge?
L1/L1 weapoon changes?

It has the Xbox layout which seems to be the same,just triggers switched.
Feels weird switching weapons with L2/R2.

User Info: jms_209

4 years ago#2
In chapter/mission 5. game is fun so far.

Hate the elemental enemies that will only die by using specific attacks.
When trying to attack one enemie,another will get in the way making some attacks useless.

I also noticed a lot more ledges to fall from.
It is mostly my fault,but seems to me that ledges are everywhere.The types where one mis-step and you fall to your death.

User Info: Kaijuu

4 years ago#3
Devil Trigger, by default, is R3/L3, I think... Many people change it, because it's a pain. Not sure which mission you unlock it on, but you can find more info on changing the buttons below:

Everything else can be changed easily. I think most people put the weapon switching on one side, and both dodges on the other, but it's really up to personal preference.
The above is not in all caps.

User Info: jms_209

4 years ago#4
Is their a meter for the devil trigger?

I saw a pop up come up about the devil trigger.So I thought I could use it.
Pressed all the buttons and nothing.
Pretty sure I did not check R3/L3 extensively,I will try that agian.
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  3. Using "devil trigger"?

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