Will there be Plagas ?

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User Info: ShopieIrving

5 years ago#1
With was I just saw, I think there may be once again las Plagas in RE..

There was some ennemi with guns in the trailer and that ennemy that grab Leon, If you watch you well, there is an army guys near it, looking like it was shooting at Leon, First thing I tought is las Plagas, and there is Chris taking cover, then shooting at an army ennemy,...

One thing I am sure, There is (old zombie, which was not my favorite thing. But, not sure which virus they are using or if they are the only ennemy, seem not,)

beside. (Why should they remove plagas, they were fun.)

User Info: BloodKain203

5 years ago#2
Hmm that's a good question. It would be crazy if they involved all the all the viruses and the Las Plagas. Holy crap that would be insane
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User Info: AlexSobecki

5 years ago#3
Yeah, but the looks of some of the enemies, it seems the Plagas strain of the virus ladder is here to stay.
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User Info: ShopieIrving

5 years ago#4
When I watch well. I saw one of the zombie holding a weapon, I was like, WTF...

User Info: ShopieIrving

5 years ago#5
a little illegal bump

User Info: JunDageki

5 years ago#6
Well they never mention what happened to all those infected place full of plagas/majini so i wouldnt be surprised if any were to be back.
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  3. Will there be Plagas ?

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