Why the hell do we have Chris again...

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User Info: Plant42

5 years ago#41
I wish people would stop saying this takes place before RE5.

User Info: kentuckybob

5 years ago#42
Ichiko_368 posted...
I'd rather Barry.

I too, would rather Barry. He could get the job done.
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User Info: CoolDogrol

5 years ago#43
YukitoRambo posted...
Leon fanboy angry over Chris, despite Leon also being onboard?

Not so long ago, I heard rants about Chris being emotionless and all that crap. Well, they give him personal conflicts starting RE5 and to me, he's a lot more human now. He may have been 'roided to hell by his designers, but the way he responded to the horrors in RE5 is a lot more human and believable than Leon ever was in RE4.

In RE5, Chris was obviously a disturbed man. Telling us about losing more friends than he believed he should and the bioterrorism worsening, he was all like 'I'm getting too old for this ****' and all he wanted was to get the the hell outta there, at least until he learned about Jill anyway. Even then, except against Wesker, he never really take any situation lightly or spout out witty one-liners that are so out of place. In that perspective, I was able to see past his 'roids; he was just a human being who himself had some doubt that he'll ever make things better, or if he himself will end up dying like his friends("More and more I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for"). You people call that 'angst', but I call that as 'standard human response when going against abominations he could get killed from at any moment'.

And that boulder? The way some people have exaggerated the scene made me thought that Chris charged into Bankai mode and turn his fists into an anime weapon to blow the boulder into tiny pieces. All I saw though was a man so desperate to save his partner, and the punching was just him venting his frustrations; he was pushing it away with his hands and shoulder most of the time. Eventually the boulder built some inertia and he exploited it.

As for Leon, what do we have? Petty jokes, taunts and banters between him and every single area leader in the game(Chief, Salazar, Saddler) and some acrobatic kungfu with some enemies and a woman inappropriately dressed for traveling into the woods.


User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#44
I don't understand how people can't understand Chris being muscular. Ok it might have been exaggerated but still. Chris's nemesis, Wesker, is faster than human eyes and can catch RPGs. Chris didn't have a lot of options besides becoming bulked.

Leon does flips through lazers, outruns boulders, and can stand Ashley without blowing her brains out.

See, both characters have their super human moments.

If you read everyones bio each character had troubled times.
Chris losing all his friends (STARS, Jill) and family and trying to protect Claire, has been on constant military duty since a young age.
Leon gets wtf pwned by Raccoon City experience, becomes a pawn of the government, loses his only friends, Krauser, Claire, Sherry.
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