ITT: Name your favorite and least favorite RE and say why for both

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User Info: Sise_Neg

5 years ago#1
Favorite Resident Evil

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

To me, this was Resident Evil at its best for the following reasons...

1) It was the first game in the series where enemies could go up and down stairs and follow you anywhere on the screen. It was also the first game where the 180 quick turn was implemented. It was also the first RE that had an automatic aim function so hitting interactive objects didn't require missed shots before actually hitting it. Actually, I don't remember future RE titles having that feature...Also, the ability to dodge or knock enemies backward was a plus. The thing that was great about it though, in particular with the dodge feature, was that it wasn't always an automatic guarantee. Unlike in 4RE or RE5, where all you had to do was hit a button in time to dodge, there were no hints on when to hit the controls in order to do so, and the dodge wasn't always a success even if it was executed. That's how the dodge feature should still be, imo.

2) The gunpowder mixing was pretty sweet too and it was neat being able to create your own ammo.

3) It probably has the best intro to a RE game ever because we actually get to see the full chaos of the zombie outbreak.

4) The Mercenaries mini-game Operation: Mad Jackal actually had some semblance of a plot and has my favorite set up out of the other mercenary games since you actually get to rescue people.

5) Nemesis. Nuff said.

RE3 was the best blend of action and horror, while managing (for me) to still be the "scariest" at the same time being the most fun.

Least Favorite Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (X)

This one always bothered me. I think I even prefer Resident Evil 5 to this. Steve was worse than Brad Vickers, the Ashfords were probably the lamest villains in the series, controls were a step backward from Resident Evil 3 (I actually think there's one spot where you have to press X in front of a set of stairs with only 3 steps), overall it just felt clunky as hell.
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User Info: TriangleHard

5 years ago#2
my fav was also RE3.

The reason? It was simple. It scared me. Never knew (at least in my first play-through) when Nemesis will pop in from a random window, and that constant tension kept me scared. Despite becoming very action-oriented, the game did not fail to scare me.

Least fav was RE4

It was when RE series turned into really BAD shooter. Also it was far from being scary.

User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
5 years ago#3
Favorite: Resident Evil 2.(Improved upon everything in RE1 and was bigger, had more weapons, and was just a really engaging game. Lickers FTW)

Least: Spinoffs. That game where you play as the guy with the amnesia was ugh.
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User Info: ResidentGear31

5 years ago#4
Fave - RE3 - Jill is awesome and i really liked the weapon selection and gameplay of three.

Worst - CVX - Back tracking. Lame characters. And the game was made a few years too late.

User Info: Painesnewname

5 years ago#5
Favorite : resident evil outbreak

This was a favorite possibly beaten by its sequel. File 2. I loved the idea of random civilians trying to survive. Working together with makeshift weapons. It was fun then becoming a zombie and attacking your teammates. I'm slightly disgusted with myself for choosing these games as I would normally have said wither 2 or 3 but I just really loves outbreak.

Least favorite : resident evil 5

As much as I hated re4 and Ashley... I played it several times and had fun doing so. So my choice falls to re5. Punching boulders. Evil Jill. Super wesker. Sheva. It had its cool points without a doubt but I have to say... I beat it once and traded it in.. Forgive me if I am biased as I have not played any of the dlc.

User Info: Starwind128

5 years ago#6
Favorite: Resident Evil 2

Experiencing the zombie filled streets of Raccoon City for the first time is something I will never forget as a gamer. The game had more interesting characters overall compared to 1, & enemies as well. Aside from 3 the game has the perfect Resident Evil atmosphere in my opinion.

Least Favorite: Resident Evil 5

Turned the story into a convoluted mess, altering previously known facts about the story & characters. The game is also the least scary in the entire series.
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User Info: Darkside_Hazuki

5 years ago#7
I'm gonna leave out the spin-off titles like Outbreak and Survivor.

Most favorite:

RE1 = claustrophobic, uneasy music, weird puzzles and a small amount of ammo & weaponry. On a first playthrough there will never be anything as tense as playing as Chris and coming back to the Mansion after beating Plant 42. You're low on ammo, your shotgun barely does any damage and those things are EVERYWHERE and will take your ass out even if you're on caution. Meanwhile, someone else in the mansion is in trouble. Really put you on edge.

RECV is a close second because it had equally tight areas along with good graphics, strong main characters (Claire & Chris) and a great soundtrack. Story wasn't too bad, either. Steve was a punk, yeah, but you gotta admit his final moments made you forget all about that. Some characters don't redeem themselves as well as he did. And Wesker coming back to life at the time was awesome; not nearly as cliche back then as it sounds now.

RE2 would be third. That game was just fun and Raccoon City is awesome. And this was back when Leon was cool.

Least favorite:

RE Zero = what a piece of crap. It started out okay and the visuals were SWEET, but the plot and boss fights were dumb and totally forgettable. Once you get off that train things go south. Billy was okay and I liked the ending FMV.

Resident Evil 4 is a close 2nd. The action-based gameplay was fun for awhile and it had some difficult events, but it had way too many boring parts. I could never playthrough this game more than once because a lot of the game is just dull. Every environment is like a boring, brown color and none of the characters, cut-scenes or music tracks are memorable. Jack Krauser was alright.

Resident Evil 5 would be third. It was fun, had improved shooter-based gameplay from RE4 and unlike RE4 the story and characters actually mattered. But the problem was it sacrificed even more of the survival/horror aspect than RE4 did and had an equally forgettable soundtrack. And the team-based gameplay also makes the game too easy when you always have someone watching your back.
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User Info: FeelAFear

5 years ago#8
I'm pretty torn between RE2 and RE3 as my favorites. The atmosphere is just right. RE3 brought some great new functions, like OP mentioned. On the other hand, I find RE2's main cast a bit more believable.

In between, I like and hate RE5. It's not scary and it's full of cheap attacks and one-hit kills, but it has one of the best online systems I've seen out of many games this generation (players manage their own inventories and saves/checkpoints, quick game joining, separate profiles for local play on the 360) and The Mercenaries is a great pick-up-and-play co-op mode.

Code Veronica is my least favorite so far. It started off alright, but it quickly turned into an exercise in frustration. It wasn't just the backtracking, but the enemies and some of the bosses as well. During the first Tyrant fight, I was stun-locked by the boss and nearly fell out of the plane, and trying to avoid poisoning around mid-game wasn't fun either. It felt rather punishing for anyone who still doesn't quite get the hang of the controls.

User Info: ItsAboutStyle

5 years ago#9

REmake - Absolutely incredible atmosphere. Creepy art direction, creepy score, clever puzzles/level design. It's the only Resident Evil title that has actually scared me, because it goes beyond just jump scares. The entire time playing it, I was always unsettled due to it being so atmospheric (thanks to its beautiful graphics, and always unnerving score). It improved on EVERYTHING from its original counterpart (which is more of a cheesy horror B-film than anything). Great difficulty, and replay value. Also, Lisa Trevor is scary as ****!

Honorable mentions: Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 2

Least Favorite: (not counting spinoffs)

Code Veronica/CVX - Everything about it was just dull imo. Claire was still very interesting, but Steve was a whiny, annoying tool (I actually think they improved his character in Darkside Chronicles). The story was a mess, and felt a little too ridiculous (even for a Resident Evil game). The graphics were terrible, thanks to the 3D enviorments, which totally took away from the overall atmosphere of the game. The character models, movements, and animations were all laughably bad. The score was more annoying than creepy or scary...which also detracted from the atmoshpere.

There were some good puzzles, but the overall level design was mediocre and redundant at times. I hated the locations. I never found anything scary about the game (Nosferatu was pretty creepy though, and also a great boss fight). The difficulty was great, along with the FMVs (especially the opening cinematic), but other than that, I really don't like the game.

Dishonorable mentions: (spinoffs included) Gaiden, Survivor, Dead Aim, Resident Evil 5
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User Info: Modest_Modsoul

5 years ago#10

Resident Evil 2.

* The scariest of the series, in my opinion.

* A creative back to back story with Leon to Claire & vice versa.


Resident Evil 5.

* Clunkier control than 4.

* Shallow story & characters (but I like Sheva).
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