Leon is the best! <3

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User Info: MrOrigami

5 years ago#11

LOL @ leon trolls making stupid topics.

User Info: lid1013

5 years ago#12
Leon's just a terrorist end of story.

User Info: BrosukeHanamura

5 years ago#13
Man. This board really needs to learn how to use definitions.
"What use do Demons have for Gods ?" - Demon Eyes Kyo
-#1 Motoko Aoyama fan-

User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

5 years ago#14
This has to be the dumbest topic so far on this board, but don't worry TC. Someone will upstage you sooner or later.
(PSN: CrimsonNemo) http://www.yourgamercards.net/profile/CrimsonNemo
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User Info: CoolDogrol

5 years ago#15
MrOrigami posted...
LOL @ leon trolls making stupid topics.


User Info: chaostdk

5 years ago#16
MrOrigami posted...
Chris > LeonYou mad?I think you mad.

i'd agree, if only Chris could fit more than 9 items in those beefalo arms of his. except he can't, so he is vastly inferior.

User Info: GrayFoxUK

5 years ago#17
Leon is so cool men have debates online about his hair cut.
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  3. Leon is the best! <3

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