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User Info: primusnine

5 years ago#1
So I've been reading that RE6 takes places 10 years after the original, which was set in 1998. So this game is happening in 2008.

RE5 was 2009 right?

If Chris is fighting Plagas type enemies again, why in the hell does he have to think about what the enemies in 5 are?

There's that scene in 5 where Sheva asks "What the hell are those things?!", to which Chris replies "They must be those Las Plaga things detailed in the Kennedy report!"

If he's already seen them... What the hell?

User Info: BasementDude

5 years ago#2
i guess it could be before and after 5
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User Info: gamefan190

5 years ago#3
I think 6 will start before 5 then go parallel with 5 somewhere else in the world and pass 5 and eventually everyone will meet up at the end of 6. That's what I think.
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User Info: burns112233

5 years ago#4
I thought I read RE 6 takes place in 2013
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User Info: CoolDogrol

5 years ago#5
2013, 10 years after the umbrella downfall.

User Info: darkslayer001

5 years ago#6

theres definitely gonna be flashback...

User Info: PrinceOfFallout

5 years ago#7
this whole timeline thing is confusing me
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User Info: primusnine

5 years ago#8
Glad I'm not the only one.

And this is coming from a fellow MGS fan, so confusing timelines aren't foreign to me!

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