Am I the only one that likes the new style of RE?

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  3. Am I the only one that likes the new style of RE?

User Info: ThunderTrain

5 years ago#21

From: Shackleford_R | #019
That's cool the way that your opinion is a fact. How'd you do that?

Where did I say it was fact? My opinion is that those people are wrong.
Blah blah blah, whatever.

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

5 years ago#22
I like both old and new
The Death Cannot Die.....

User Info: JonathanMorris2

5 years ago#23
I like both styles.

The success of RE5 meant DLC was created for it (Lost in Nightmare and Desperate Escape). Again the DLC were successful and the game was re-released at retail with all DLC (RE5 was already a Greatest and Platinum Hit for PS3 & X360).

RE4 and Code Veronica were re-released for PSN and XBL, I really don't have the time to check but both Sony and Microsoft make it public which content is selling like hotcakes. So I would wager money that RE4 is the more popular of the two, proving again, that the new style of Resident Evil resonates well with today's audience.

The only thing I can't figure out is people who gave up on the franchise with RE4, watched the RE6 trailer, then come here to nag and complain about a style of gameplay they never liked to begin with. Like...I mean what's the point? Who are they trying to convince? I don't like modern FPS but I don't go on their message boards to complain about gameplay styles that are -not- for me.

These people should grow up IMHO, it's made even more embarrassing when Capcom is reaching out to those upset "adults" by making RE6 a throwback to earlier RE games with Leon's scenario being modeled exactly like Raccoon City.

User Info: Natarle_Badgiru

5 years ago#24
No, the older games were slightly more creepy, I'll give them that. But that's because the older controls sucked massive loads. Like this guy's mother whose about to quote me with a massive wall of text for not liking the older style games as much.

User Info: BlondEEE

5 years ago#25
Comparing new RE to old RE is like comparing oral sex to a scat fetish. Sure, NRE taste kinda funny sometimes and occasionally it even stinks, but it's awesome.

The other is just ****.

User Info: Masajub

5 years ago#26
I do think the new games could have done a lot more to stay true to the series while simultaneously evolving it forward. They could have easily kept the 'Survival' and the 'Horror' alive while still improving the camera and controls. Having said that, I still enjoyed 4 & 5, they are great games.

User Info: digUbetterdead

5 years ago#27
2DFighter84 posted...
i love the new style of RE. i couldn't really get into the series until 4. i tried to play 3 a long time ago, but the camera and controls were just annoying.

PSN: LoveLikeJazz

User Info: Endless_Silence

5 years ago#28
I liked both tbh, but I think I'll always have a special preference for the older titles.

For the sheer novelty and nostalgia, no doubt, but more specifically for want of any actual semlance to "survival horror" that has been so lacking recently. C

The DLC wasn't bad though.
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  3. Am I the only one that likes the new style of RE?

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