Canon Events of RE5: How It Happened (SPOILERS FOR RE5)

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#1
These are canon events of RE5 taken from Capcom's Resident Evil Archives Volume 2. I will being pulling the points that I feel are the most interesting and writing them here. First will be the story. If desired, I'll go into more detail with the character bios and monsters and such provided within the book. However, the RE4 topic has yet to do well so I can't say I will write the rest.

I'm writing this just for those who "want to know." Got time to kill so why not?

The Story

Chris volunteered to go to Africa with the Alpha Team of the BSAA to apprehend BOW smuggler Ricardo Irving. Everyone knew that his passion to eradicate bioterror and BOWs forever bordered on obsession. Of course he also went, which only he knew, because of the tip of Jill.

It mentions how the sun was very hot, so the fact that he and Sheva did this is of course amazing seeing how impossible it would be. It menches how Chris' body was drenched in sweat as he met Sheva.

Fast forward to getting their weapons, it states that even though Chris and Sheva just met they were able to form a basic trust based on their mutual experience and desire to see the mission through.

When they first encountered the Majini, they were of course hesitant to fire and had no choice but to. Their gunshots is what got the attention of the other villagers and the two no longer had hesitation to shoot.

Fast forward to the execution. Once discovered, the two quickly called for Kirk because they knew they couldn't compete with the numbers; they had to last as long as they could of course.

The book states that despite them being veterans, the tense situations was too much: they were beginning to tire out from the relentless attacks. Of course Kirk comes and saves their lives, clearing a path.

Fast forward all the way past the first Uroboros battle, (since it's self explained in game) when their superiors tell them that the mission stands and Chris and Sheva have to continue, Chris felt new disgust over the way his superiors used soldiers as pawns.

It states that Kirk saves their lives yet again later before getting attacked by BOWs and crashing himself.

Fast forward to the helicopter site crash, when Chris and Sheva get attacked by the Majini on motorcycles, the book mentions how the two were not coordinated at all and were saved by the Delta Team; Sheva knew every member personally.

This is when Chris sees the image of Jill so the rumor that made him sign up for the mission was correct after all. The book states he has been holding doubts and regrets since the encounter with Wesker at the Spencer castle.

Fast forward to pursuing Irving and when Jill saves him, the book mentions how through their many battles, Chris could tell that his partnership with Sheva was growing stronger.

All it says is that the two shoots down the Popokamrimu, (the giant bat).

User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#2
Fast forward to the Ndesu fight. The book states that when Chris and Sheva made it to the truck to fight Ndesu, they killed it easily. The quote is, as Sheva is angry for her fallen comrades, "Even as they drove the massive creature helplessly to the ground, however, it could not quell the emptiness in her heart." Funny how the most annoying thing in Hard mode is beaten easily in canon...

The book states that after the fight when Sheva and Chris have their little spat, (because she was going to split for a brief moment) Sheva used the terms "partners" on purpose, (her quote: "We're partners. To the end.") because she knew that word meant more to Chris than anything. Chris had no choice but to relent.

Chris tells Sheva about the Wesker encounter. Most noticable things about it: it says that Chris and Jill found Spencer's castle on one hand repulsive because it was bought with dirty money, (selling biological weapons) but it also reminded them so much of the mansion in RE1 where everything started. Numerous traps awaited them and the BOW were tenacious. The rest written is self explained in the game cutscenes.

Finding the marshland dwellers, they too had become Majini. "To think that someone would infect even these people with Plagas...they too were victims..." It should be noted that in the monster section of the book, (which I may or may not write) it goes into more detail such as the fact that the marshland dwellers are all male. IIRC only the males could bind with the Plagas used there. I'll have to read it again for exact details.

Fast forward to meeting with Josh: Josh was out of breath while addressing the two after the Majini attack the three survived together.

After Irving leaves on the boat and starts the timer for the bombs on the dock, the book states that Chris and Sheva ran hard to where Josh was before the explosions. Apparently there was no battle with the Majini here at all, it was merely gameplay.

The same holds true for when they reach Irving's ship. "Things were going alone peacefully, when suddenly, a huge shape appeared from their starboard side. Irving's patrol boat had ambushed them!" There was no battle while Chris, Sheva, and Josh were riding together; it was only gamplay.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#3
Ambushed by Irving's boat, Chris skillfully took out the Majini at the machine gun turrets; the two boarded the ship.

Irving's transformation resulted in great speed, stating how he leaped off the book before Chris could even take a shot. It was Sheva who thought of Irving's weak point: "Sheva had a thought: given the sheer speed of his metamorphosis, he must have a weak point. Her insight was dead-on." Of course they beat Irving.

Upon Irving's death, the book mentions Chris was frustrated, hence why he was going to shoot Irving even though he was about to die anyway.

Fast forward to the ruins. Chris and Sheva were amazed at the structure, but it seemed unlikely that the Wetland Majini were the ones who created it. Plus there were signs of the place being recently inhabited.

In the game when one player runs across the bridge and the other player falls due to the bridge being destroyed, it is confirmed that Sheva made it across the bridge and Chris fell due to the Majini knocking the pillar that held the bridge down.

The book states that Chris felt a surge of panic and that he had to reach Sheva fast. It was not due to lack of trust but simply due to the despair he had felt over the loss of Jill that was still fresh in his mind. Fueled by determination to not lose another partner, he pushed through all obstacles, eventually reaching her.

Pizza is here, to be continued.

User Info: PineappleFist

5 years ago#4
Pizza? Now I'm hungry.

User Info: GameBeaten

5 years ago#5
Realistically I imagine the Ndesu would go down fairly quickly based on the firepower used against the thing.
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#6
The Popokarimu, (the bat monster) returns and the book itself questions if it could have escaped from the mine to the temple grounds. The book states Chris and Sheva finish it once and for all and then go up the stair case, so the running from it up the stairs cutscene is noncanon.

The Wesker and Excella conversation is written. The only thing worth mentioning that may not be evident from watching the cutscene is that after Excella says Chris' name and Wesker says, "flatly, 'The plan is in its last stages, I will not tolerate delays'," Excella quickly leaves because she realizes Wesker brushed her off. Her character bio later in the book, IIRC, states how she is in love with Wesker and has been since she met him I believe, which is when she was 19. I will have to read that section again.

Fast forward all the way to the lickers, (because everything mentioned can be seen in the cutscenes) Chris and Sheva get the lickers' attention because they kicked the door down and the book states that they barely escaped to the elevator in time.

U8 battle, (giant spider/crab). The book states the U8 is tough as a tank. Chris and Sheva, however, managed to learn its patterns and fed a grenade straight into its mouth. The one grenade in its mouth killed it.

On the elevator ride down after the licker room where Chris intercepts a radio conversation between Wesker and Excella, he prays that they make some sort of mention of Jill, but the transmission dies out.

"Wesker had long made himself known in connection BOW incidents, but whatever he was planning now was bigger than anything that had come before. Chris had to accept that this was more than just his fight."

Second Uroboros battle: Excella tells Chris and Sheva of her plan because she had absolute faith in Uroboros' power and that Chris and Sheva were not going to leave the room alive; she would not have said anything if she didn't believe they'd die.

Chris and Sheva kill it with the flamethrower. Also, later in the book it states that the host was in control of Uroboros in the beginning. But ultimately he was not "chosen" as Wesker always puts it, so Uroboros consumed him. There's more detail in how this works later in the book.

Wesker and Jill vs. Chris and Sheva

"Chris' most hated enemy stood now alongside his former partner, and he would have to face them both with a partner he was only just getting to trust. He coudl never have imagined this situation in his wildest dreams. Even setting his panic aside, though, he couldn't hope to match them on a physical level."

"Perhaps Wesker didn't even consider Chris to be worth his time, as he received a call on his PDA, and began to leave." Everything else about the fight is obvious from the game. Says Chris and Sheva knew Jill's life could be in danger if they remove the device from her chest, but they had to risk it. They save her of course.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#7
After Chris and Sheva left, Jill fell unconscious. "She put on a strong front for Chris, but the mind control had taken a deep toll on her." Then Josh comes.

It says Jill and Josh formed a quick bond as they fought the Majini. The book mentions crowds of Majini and Reapers (aka Hopper the Grasshopper). No matter how enemies they defeated, more kept coming. "Veterans as they were, even Josh and Jill had limits." That statement is mentioned toward the end where they are awaiting for Doug to save them. The rest in the middle which I skipped is all evident from the game.

When Doug died Josh was overflowing with sadness, frustration, and anger, but he managed to keep his emotions in check.

Fast forward through the events on the ship; Chris and Sheva faced heavily armed Majini.

Regarding Wesker's flashback with Spencer, the book mentions how everything Spencer was saying, (new world, how the Wesker children were his masterpiece, etc.) Wesker found to be intolerable. "He could not stomach the sight of the decrepit old man claiming the right to be a god."

Fast forward the events: Excella is revealed to be a pawn in Wesker's game and she transforms, along with the bodies, into Uroboros Aheri. Chris and Sheva learn of the targeting device for a satellite laser and know it is their last hope.

The battle: Chris and Sheva mowed down the tentacles Aheri fired, raining down blasts from the satellite laser, killing the beast.

Wesker Encounter: Chris and Sheva realizes they cannot beat Wesker in a straight up fight. This is when Chris remembers the PG67 A/W Virus they found and Jill told them about, (Wesker's injection virus) and knew that would be their only chance.

Wesker battle: Chris and Sheva used darkness to their advantage and opened fire on him with a rocket launcher. It was their one chance to distract him. "Chris and Sheva's teamwork was impeccable. Working together, they injected Wesker with the PG67 A/W needle."

Wesker was writhing in pain.

When Chris is on the bomber jet and held his hand out to Sheva, she took it without flinching. "The last of Chris' doubts were cleared away. Sheva was his true partner."

Despite being injected, Wesker's power was still overwhelming, but his movements were growing sloppy thanks to the overdose.

When Sheva is in danger of falling out of the plane, "...Chris looked at the desperation in Sheva's eyes, and flashed back to that night in Spencer's mansion...He would not lose another partner."

Final battle: "Wesker was in complete control of the raging power of the Uroboros Virus, and manipulated it to its fullest potential. It was nothing like the Uroboros they had faced before. Still exhausted from the earlier battle, Sheva and Chris struggled at first, but slowly but surely, their trust in each other allowed them to find a rhythm, and they turned the tables on Wesker. As they drove him back, Wesker began to writhe in pain. Just then, the volcano erupted, and the ground shook around them. They were caught in a landslide!"

As Wesker was burning in the lava, "...It seemed he would not ascend to the world of the gods, but rather, plummet to hell. Unwilling to accept his fate, his hand lashed out, grabbing the helicopter..."

Chris and Sheva shoot the rocket. "The rockets collided with his head, sending up a column of flame. At last, his body sunk beneath the blazing lava."

"...Chris remembered the question that had tormented him for so long. 'Is it all worth fighting for?' In the smiles of his friends, he had found his answer."

User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#8
And there it is. The story of RE5. A lot of good details to be found in the character bios and monster bios of RE4 and RE5, but again, dunno if I will even write it. I don't think anyone cares. But I'm sure someone found this and the RE4 topic interesting, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

User Info: inferno_Lan

5 years ago#9
It's things like this that make Resident Evil such an interesting franchise in my opinion. It just stands out so much more than "shoot things."
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User Info: gamefan190

5 years ago#10
Questions: Is Tricell gonna be in 6? and who are Chris' superiors?
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