I hope Josh Stone makes an apperance

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User Info: robulastage

5 years ago#21
So just killing a lot of Majini makes you worthy of a promotion?
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User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#22
I think stopping the world by being over-ridden and taken over by black licorice is pretty important, as well as diving into a volcano with a helicopter to save your teammates and rescuing an injured and lost BSAA agent.

They might have gotten promotions, Chris seems to have gotten one. He's a captain now.
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User Info: Luniara

5 years ago#23
salamoreblood posted...
i really dont get the hate on josh and sheva i found them to be likable characters and they both did some useful things. ied be be ok with them pooping up in some from or another maybe some thing like a little side story thing like hunks stroy in re2

its likely due to their debut. They were great characters but Re5 itself.. meh
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User Info: Chilly82

5 years ago#24
Yeh I liked Josh.

He probably wasn't skilled or as experienced as Chris but he was balls to the walls and never gave up. A real hero.
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  3. I hope Josh Stone makes an apperance

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