When was RE ever scary?

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User Info: mini_blight

5 years ago#81
Mister_Zurkon posted...

Though once both series hit the 4 mark, everything changed for both, and RE shot gaming into a new generation and SH floundered and drowned in sterility.

Yes, RE4 gave us a new direction....a new lazy direction full of QTEs.

SH is still around. The only reason it fell apart is because Konami kept trying to change what worked with the series.

User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#82
the only time i got spooked was the first time i played the original psone silent hill at night with lights down. it was scarier than most horror movies of the day. but that was the last (and only) time a game was really scary for me, because it was my first "horror" game experience.

but you're 34, tc. of course it's not scary, these games are basically scary to 12 year olds and tennagers. no offense to anyone who found it scary, not everyone has the same fear and/or gore tolerances so some people get more affected by horror than others.

but RE games aren't really scary. a loud noise on your speakers isn't really scary either after the you've seen that trick in pretty every game AND movie ever. that's why younger people might find these games scary - they have not built up a resistance to the cheap scare thrills that lazy writers use as a crutch when they can't think of anything to put in a game or movie that is actually creepy or (god forbid) scary.


User Info: Henk_m

5 years ago#83
Sometimes I wish RE 3.5 was the one we got.

Some complaine it would be like Silent Hill,but as people here already said SH does not rely on jump scare only,the whole world,music,atmosphere reeks of horror.

Had RE 3.5 been the one realesed I think it atleast would have had the horror people miss so much today.

As it seems some scrapped concept from RE 3.5 might be in RE6 I hope it has the horror atmosphere again even if take the step further to action like RE6 seems to do.
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User Info: VIIVincent

5 years ago#84
so why do you play video games? for the gameplay? tell me you never had a heart pumping moment of "i need to get running or mr. x is gunna"
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