The final boss

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User Info: warrenmats

5 years ago#1

Is the merchant. He survived the island explosing at the end of RE4, and now he's gonna return in RE6 with his arsenal of weapons. And he also has a bunch of health sprays with him and also has the infinate rocket laucher.


u mad? 


User Info: hyper_trunkx

5 years ago#2


User Info: robellr13

5 years ago#3
Love this
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User Info: cuttin_in_town

5 years ago#4
Official #1 Survivor fan in my city.
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User Info: VIIVincent

5 years ago#5
i miss him. when RE6's trailer came out and the title started i was hoping the Merchant would say with that accent of his, Resident Evil... 6.

but what did we get? some dude.
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