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User Info: furygods

5 years ago#11
Natarle_Badgiru posted...
RE0 a game so crappy compared to the others that simply recalling the day I first played it brings me great pain and fills me with fear of ever touching it again...

Back in 2002, I was still a young child... my... my mother had gotten me this game. I recall her gentle voice, mother told me that she bought me the new RE game because she knows how much I loved the series. I was ecstatic... I ran to the gamecube and put the game in, I had my dear mother watch me play the game.

I played for about half an hour, my feeble little mind just couldn't comprehend how truly terrible it was... I just kept telling myself that it was going to get better, it couldn't possibly be this boring throughout the game-- not after playing RE2. "Go on, you can beat this game", she said, her words encouraged me to push forward through the crap start. Little did I know that this grave error would cost my family and me dearly... I finally make it to the half way point of the game, my eyes were throbbing with extreme pain, tears of blood were streaming down my cheek but my mother's words from earlier on gave me power to resist the pain.

I finally stopped to save and get ready to shut it off because I just couldn't bare it any longer. That's when I realized my mother hadn't made a single peep after her words of encouragement two hours ago. I turned to my mother to see the most horrifying sight-- Her eyes... her eyes were gone... almost as if they had been burnt from her sockets... I screamed and screamed I just couldn't stop even the cops couldn't shut me up. My mother, my mother gone is such a horrible way and it was all my fault. I will never forgive Capcom, you released this game KNOWING it would never live up to its predecessors... you killed my mother!

That sounds like something from Silent Hill :3

User Info: bfmv2007

5 years ago#12

Interresting. Still, I believe the game belongs. Its still a Resident Evil game. I think people realy dont like it simply because they felt it was unnecessary, and that the series didnt need a back story to the day before the events in Resident Evil 1. I believe the story fits, and was very interresting to find out what happened the day before, why and how Rebecca went to the mansion, etc.

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