** It's pretty obvious bald-headed guy = Steve **

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User Info: Rick1Shot

5 years ago#31
Spade59 posted...
I'll be extremely disappointed if it turns out to be Alex Wesker. After reading Spencer's memoirs it would be a huge letdown.

EXTREMELY disappointed! Alex Wesker would make no sense. Do I think he will show up in the game. Yes. Do I think he's the merc. No way

User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#32
Wow you say dead give-aways and then you start guessing and grasping at straws.

Here let me mimic you, it's Alex Wesker:

1. The "green hulk thing" is a green glove.

2. He has to inject himself, just like Wesker.

3. He has Wesker like ability.

Hell let me do a more fun one:

It's Cole Mcgrath:

1. He's bald.

2. He has super human fighting moves.

3. He gets chased by big monsters and helicopters.
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User Info: GC_Dark_Link

5 years ago#33
VegantoKeens posted...
2. He has to inject himself, just like Wesker.

Why does everyone say he HAS TO inject himself? We see him inject himself (or extract from himself) ONCE. That doesn't imply anything.

For all we know, he's injecting himself with Las Plagas. That'd make an interesting game. XD
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User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#34
You guys are forgetting that if Steve is in this, that means Claire is in it.

Claire and Steve reunion would be awesome
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User Info: Kresimires

5 years ago#35

From: KDR | Posted: 1/28/2012 9:01:25 PM | #025
Also, if it was a character we had already seen, then they wouldn't have to keep his id secret.

Well, Capcom did the same thing with Jill in RE5...so *shrugs*

User Info: scythe108

5 years ago#36
KDR's post is right on. It seems to make the most sense for it to be Alex Wesker. He's got a cool backstory and I think everyone has wanted to play as Wesker in all of these games, hence why he is always in Mercenary mode. Capcom is delivering with this game. A new character that was introduced in the last DLC for RE5. It just makes sense. Was Alex brought up at any other point in the RE games that I don't recall?

User Info: scythe108

5 years ago#37
If the whole game was only playable by kung fu guy, I wouldn't be happy. But with the 3 scenario approach it works. I'm looking forward to Leon's scenario more than any of the others, but I think all of them will be fun in the end. It will keep the game fresh throughout, having different playstyles.

User Info: Alky88

5 years ago#38
Alex Wesker was added in the Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5 one year after the original release... when this game was already being made. I think it's hardly a coincidence and the trailer points out the similarities with Albert Wesker quite frequently.
Steve on the other hand was dead in the original CV, reconfirmed dead in Wesker's Report and once again in Darkside Chronicles.
I think they've made it quite clear that he is, in fact, dead.
His return would be pointless without Claire and we already know she's nowhere near this game.
Also the T-Veronica does not grant those abilities as far as we know. Those are the same stunts Albert would perform and those were granted by the "special virus" given to all Wesker children.
Also having Sherry and Alex as partners would be a nice nod to William and Albert.
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User Info: Doom_Infinite

5 years ago#39
Clearly there are many misinformed fans in this thread. Anyone who played RE Gold and actually can read knows that Alex Wesker is uber mega villain boss material not an ex mercenary interested in dough.
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