*HUGE SPOILERS* Unknown's man identity might just be . . .

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User Info: Blood-Falcon

5 years ago#11
Stover46 posted...
From: squiggy9996999 | #008
"They port Revelations to the PS3 and offer it as a downloadable title with better graphics."

that's probably going to happen, how else will they milk the franchise next year with no new games to promote?

"^It's moments like these I'm proud to be a multi-console user who isn't blinded by fanboyism."

actually dude, you're the only one being a fanboy. he never said anything against the 360, he's talking on the ps3 board and he's talking about something he wants to buy, you need to grow up and not say "eww boobies" every time someone says "ps3" or "girls".

pretty much every single RE game ever is available to download on the psn, and it's a solid guess that this new one will be there eventually too. that's not being a fanboy, that's paying attention to how capcom does business.
No he, and you, are acting like fanboys. He called the 3DS terrible because it isn't sony.

Strange, I swear he didn't say anything about Sony. Just he'd like it ported to the PS3, because the 3DS is a small and awkward handheld. Not because it isn't Sony.

User Info: Gai_Daigouji

5 years ago#12
I think it's unlikely solely since Raymond is voiced by Steven Blum, I'm pretty sure the guy in 6's trailer isn't, and it's unlikely they'd recast the role after one game. Plus they don't really look similar at all.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

5 years ago#13
I actually did get a 3DS because aside from the RE and KH games I also wanted to play Phoenix Wright, Pokemon and Fire Emblem. I can fully understand why people are pissed important story heavy games of a series get put on the damn thing as exclusives. The 3DS has a super small screen and its incredibly uncomfortable to hold. You just can't fully enjoy a RE4/5 style game on it.
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User Info: Lionheart2211

5 years ago#14
Isn't the mysterious man suppose to be related to one of the major characters?
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User Info: kotetsu6897

5 years ago#15
actually its rumored to be Alex. one of the wesker kids. it seems they found a way to put a wesker back into the games after 5
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User Info: edward18

5 years ago#16
not Albert and I highly doubt this is Alex
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User Info: Doom_Infinite

5 years ago#17
It doesn't match Alex's description in the slightest. Most likely is Steve Burnside although many fans hate this idea.
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User Info: Nafzger

5 years ago#18
I just hate handhelds. I don't care what company makes them. I'm not going on a field trip to the zoo where I need something to do on the bus.
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User Info: mindbender420

5 years ago#19
You need to post REVALATIonS spoilers in the title!

User Info: Mister_Zurkon

5 years ago#20
Conan O'Brian can't be RE6 guy!
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