This game is going to be easier than the previous ones.

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  3. This game is going to be easier than the previous ones.

User Info: JunDageki

5 years ago#1
At least its going to be easier for me. I jump to this conclusion because, have anyone notice that the more RE they make the easier it gets?
From the hardest to the easiest:

How come? ill explain

RE1 - This is where all the madness started, The entire game feels like it puts you in a unfair situation, you could only move and shoot, the knife was hard to use, the zombies dies in like 3 or 4 shots and you normally carry like 10 bullets around, which makes you think "how the hell am i going to survive this?" you had to fight enemies in narrow halls and so on, you have the change to get infected and you need to find a cure for it, your inventory had like what? 8 spaces? and you had to carry key items in that same inventory. The zombies you kill you have to burn them, if you cant then prepare to run into the running zombies eventually, and those guys were a total NIGHTMARE!

RE2 - is pretty much the same thing as RE1 but a little bit more fair, there weren't running zombies so no need to burn them.

RE3 - Again, same as RE2 but you now have the ability to dodge and tackle, this made your life easier to ignore the enemies without the need waste ammo.

RE0 - Same as RE2 but with a partner always by your side covering your back. cool, huh?

RE4 - This is where everything changed, the enemies obtained new and dangerous AI, but also you got millions of advantages on your side. its like Capcom read our minds in moments of our frustration in previous RE games and "fixed" those problems.
Those moments where you thought "man i wish i could just kick these guys, i wish i had lots of bullets, i wish i could see where im running, i wish these guys stopped walking towards me while i shoot them, my knife were to be better, i could had more health, etc." all of these are "fixed"

RE5 - same as RE4 but with a partner who can fight too instead of someone defenseless like Ashley,and if that partner were to be player then things becomes a walk in the park.

RE6 - seems to be next.

Im still hyped for the game so i hope its still impressive and fun to play even if its easy. the story seems interesting. :D
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User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

5 years ago#2 didn't burn zombies in the first game, that was exclusive to the REmake.
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User Info: Mister_Zurkon

5 years ago#3
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User Info: hakanakumono

5 years ago#4

RE4 easier than RE2? Lol.

User Info: SurvivorType

5 years ago#5
If you were killing all the zombies in the old game, you were doing it wrong. It's not that hard to dodge enemies if you know what you're doing. Sure, some enemies you had to kill, but all of them? No, you didn't have that much ammo to spare. Rock out. Or not,whatever.

User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#6
No offense to RE2, but that game is really easy... I think it likely is the easiest in the franchise. And some of the stuff you named for RE1 were exclusive to REmake, which was harder than the original. Resident Evil 5 is easy, no doubt, but Resident Evil 4 is definitely harder than 2 and quite possibly on part with 3. With that, this is all based on assumptions with no real groundwork to support it.
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User Info: sehr0

5 years ago#7

User Info: Skeleton_Athena

5 years ago#8
Well for me, hardest -> easiest:



The only reason (or 2) that i'd put 3 in front of 2 is that there's just lotsa enemies. Which also includes Nemesis as a pre-order bonus. 2 is just hard 'cause of all the dodging >_>"

I agree on the fact that 4 was a little easy once you played through it once or twice and knew of "The Kick", which just made Pueblo a better place.

No need to get started on 5 i think. We all know how it turned out :p

User Info: DaedalusEx

5 years ago#9
Games have gotten pathetically easy in recent years as a result of catering to a wider audience. It's safe to say RE6 will be as easy or easier than 5.

User Info: Plant42

5 years ago#10
The dodge button in RE3 is not exactly something that's easy to get down. That takes some practice.
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  3. This game is going to be easier than the previous ones.

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