Resident Evil Canon *Major Spoilers*

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User Info: KFrosty3

5 years ago#11
SSJ_Jin posted...
Vegeta1000 posted...
For those that don't know.

Resident Evil

Both Chris and Jill go on separate journeys but Chris's scenario has the most canon elements.

Actually that's not determined as both Chris and Jill went through the mansion.

The RE1 remake overrides the original RE1 completely.

Not really. The only main different between RE1 and REmake is Lisa.

Richard gets eaten by Neptune instead of Yawn. Chris and Wesker take on Lisa Trevor. Chris watches Enrico get killed but didn't know who did it.

Actually Jill watches Enrico get shot. I cannot comment on the previous two as I don't have Archive one.

Wesker shoots Rebecca with a magnum (who was revealed to be wearing a bullet-proof vest) and then gets killed by the tyrant.

Actually Rebecca wasn't there when they all met Wesker. It was Chris, Jill, and Barry.

Chris defeats the tyrant. Chris, Jill, and Rebecca are saved by Brad and blow up the mansion. Barry also escapes. This is why Wesker hates Chris so much.

Actually Chris, Jill, Rebecca, and Barry defeats the T-002.

Resident Evil 2

Claire A/Leon B is the canon scenario due to the major events that happened.

It's the main story, but bits and pieces from every scenario happens.

Your arguments are all on the Jill path while Veg's are on Chris's. It's kind of funny, as you can argue both paths in RE1 to be canon.

I personally believe that Chris is at least slightly more Canon as he is the main one with the rivalry to Wesker, not Jill.
I still think Pac-Man was the best game and had the best storyline... EVER!!! 'nuff said.

User Info: Stover46

5 years ago#12
I hate how to this day RE1 doesn't have a canon path. Capcom made up a new scenario where Chris and Jill worked together with Barry and Rebecca and it's just dumb

User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#13
Actually my "argument" is based off of Capcom's Resident Evil Archives Volume 2 book. Everything I said is fact from Capcom, not me. If I had Volume 1 I would be able to say exactly what happened, which is what I mentioned in my post.

Volume 2 gives a brief summary of RE1, 0, 2, 3, Veronica while focusing on 4, 5, and Darkside.

User Info: vitonemesis

5 years ago#14

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