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User Info: warrenmats

5 years ago#11

I have arachnophobia. Those spiders freaked the %)@ out of me. I like threw my controller once.


Oh btw It took me a month to beat the forest temple in twilight princess because of the spiders.

User Info: Raven927

5 years ago#12
I don't have a fear of insects. But any kind of critter that's 10x the size it should normally be freak me out bad. I always hated how when you killed them with the shot gun or magnum. All the babies would pour out and bite you. Running them over and hearing them squish always made me smile tho.
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User Info: NassaDane

5 years ago#14
--"Oh btw It took me a month to beat the forest temple in twilight princess because of the spiders."--

Haha, those were some of the best (creepy) spiders in Modern Gaming, by far. They really can't seem to make good spiders like they use to.
"Ignorance is Bliss"

User Info: CloudTifa7

5 years ago#15

As long as there not easy to kill and they look scary im all for it

User Info: ResidentEvil75

5 years ago#16

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a disliking for Web Spinners.  I mean I badly hate them especially in the PS1 Resident Evils.  I didn't like it in Resident Evil 2 in the second sewage tunnel when the spiders run and crawl on the wall on the left near the waterfall and they get in REAL close of the camera.  Ironically when I was recording a video walkthrough for YouTube to help my Resident Evil Umbrella site project out, the part of that second sewer tunnel with the spider getting in REAL close DID happen.  Of all times I played that scene, and the worst spine-shivering thing that could happen in that area happened just as I am taping it.  Believe me when I say this, I was glad that Resident Evil game releases starting in Dead Aim didn't show Giant Spiders that much or not at all.  Although Umbrella Chronicles (Nightmare) included them a lot, and so did scene 5 in the RE 2 part of Darkside Chronicles.  And at least if they had to make something similar to spiders in the post Umbrella events, I'm glad they did it in the way they did in 4 and 5 with the Las Spider and the critters in the cave/temple.  As much as I HATE Giant Spiders, I didn't get that much nervous in Remake and in 0 except for the basement in both those games.  I think it was the graphics and noises that made the PS1 Resident Evil Giant Spiders my most hated variety.  I mean the ones in 1 DC, 2, 3, Survivor were much creepier than Remake, 0.

User Info: occman

5 years ago#17
I liked the RE Make Spiders...
& The Neptune Shark!

The Funny thing is i'm petrified of both!
Hate Spiders, & Scared ****less of being in the Ocean. LoL!

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